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Combined Federal Campaign and State Charitable Campaigns

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Support the Civil War Trust through your State and Federal Charitable Programs

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With the help of those that supported the Civil War Trust last year through their workplace giving campaigns, we were able to reach the milestone of more than 43,000 acres of Civil War battlefield land saved—the most saved by any land heritage organization in America. Because of the donations we received from work place campaigns, we were able to save 44 acres at Antietam, Maryland located right in the center of the battlefield, 65 acres at Champion Hill, Mississippi, and 12 acres in Chattanooga, Tennessee that was the site of Brown’s Ferry.

In addition, the Trust has been able to expand our educational efforts by launching Civil War Trust Generations, creating anAnimated Map of the entire Civil War that encompasses the entire Civil War, and adding to our In4 videos library. These programs, and many others the Trust offers, allow people of all ages the opportunity to grow their knowledge about this very important time period in American history.

With all that the Trust accomplished last year, it’s hard to believe we have only just scratched the surface. Help us make 2016 even more successful than 2015! 

Combined Federal Campaign

CFC #11785

The Civil War Trust is proud to mark its 16th year as a participant in the CFC. If you are a federal government or military employee, please consult your local CFC website for information and instructions on how to donate to the Civil War Trust (CFC #11785).

Once again the Civil War Trust has been designated as one of the “Best in America” nonprofit organizations certified by Independent Charities of America. The “Best in America” seal of approval was inspired by a comparative review of “watchdog” groups by the National Council of Nonprofit Associations. The Council included the CFC standards in its review, and the Civil War Trust meets or exceeds the standards. Of the more than 50,000 charities that participate in the CFC, only about 1,500 or 3% will have the opportunity to display this “Best in America” seal of approval. See our Best of the CFC listing »

If you decided to support the Trust through your CFC donation, please:

  • Let us know about your gift. Don’t forget to complete the Recognition Options box on your pledge form and check the appropriate boxes. If you do not complete this box we will not be able to thank you for your gift. You can also inform us of your gift by contacting Samantha Ringer at or at 202.367.1861 ext. 7222.
  • Be aware that there is a long lag time between when you complete your pledge form and when we are told about your gift, so you may not receive an acknowledgement from us for a few months. 


State Employees’ Workplace Charitable Campaigns 

In 2016, the Civil War Trust is participating in a number of state workplace charitable campaigns: California, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Washington. Most campaigns run from mid-September to mid-December, 2015. If you are a state employee in one of the states listed above, please consult your index in the state campaign materials for information and instructions for selecting our organization as your choice for charitable giving in your workplace. Each state assigns the charity its own campaign number, and these are listed in your campaign materials.

If you are looking for our listing in your state’s campaign materials, many times we are listed under the group; Independent Charities of America. Many of the states still list us as the Civil War Preservation Trust, so to find our listing online you may just need to search for the keywords “Civil War.”

Some states provide their employees with the ability to make online donations, while others provide pledge cards for employees to complete and return. If you have any questions please contact your Human Resources department or campaign contacts. We are happy to assist you in making your pledge, please contact Samantha Ringer at or 202-367-1861 ext. 7222 if you would like support.

If you decide to designate the Civil War Trust, please include your name and address so that we can acknowledge your gift.

* Note: In 2015 we changed our fiscal year, and this affected our ability to complete applications in the states of Pennsylvania and Arizona. If you gave through these states in previous years, you can give to us directly (not having it deducted from your paycheck), and switch back to giving through the State Campaign in 2017. 

United Way

You may have trouble finding our United Way number this year because the United Way has changed its eligibility rules for listing national charitable organizations. However, you can still donate to the Civil War Trust through the United Way by writing “Civil War Trust” on your eligibility card. Your donation will be transferred to us through the United Way just as it would be if you were able to list our number on the card. Your campaign manager should be able to assist you in completing your pledge card. 

If you select the Civil War Trust, please let us know so that we can ensure that we receive the donation, and allow us to acknowledge your gift properly. Please contact Samantha Ringer at or 202-367-1861 ext. 7222 when you have made your donation or if you have any questions. Thank you for your support. 


Why Support the Civil War Trust

We are Effective

The Civil War Trust has saved more than 43,000 acres of Civil War battlefields in 21 states. Since 2001, the Civil War Trust has saved four times more battlefield land than even the National Park Service. See the Index of land we've saved

We Magnify your Donations

Through the innovative use of matching grants, we routinely multiply every $1 donated by our members by a factor of three or more; meaning the power of your donations will be greatly magnified towards saving battlefields. See a current list of preservation opportunities

We are Accountable

Simply put, we do what we say we are going to do. Compare us to other groups you support; success in our mission is tangible, measurable, and verifiable. Judge our success by walking on every acre of hallowed ground you help save. Our results will last forever. Read what our donors have to say

We are Efficient

Charity Navigator has awarded the Civil War Trust its highest rating of four stars for the seventh year in a row (only 2% of charities that Charity Navigator rates have received at least seven consecutive 4-star evaluations). Charity Navigator examines an organization’s efficiency, as well as their capacity for future work. To determine a Charity Navigator 4 Star Charity organization’s efficiency, Charity Navigator examines their fundraising and administrative expenses compared to how much money goes towards program costs. The Civil War Trust keeps its administrative and fundraising costs low so that almost your entire gift goes straight to saving Civil War battlefield land and promoting Civil War education. Charity Navigator has also found the Trust has a positive capacity for future work, which is shown by our continued expansion of land saved, and our loyal and growing base of supporters. Visit our Charity Navigator Listing

We are also accredited by the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance. View our profile on the Better Business Bureau’s website