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Nearly 20 percent of America's Civil War battlefields have already been destroyed -- denied forever to future generations. Of those that remain, only 15 percent are protected as National Parks. There is only one National organization working to save all these battlefields: The Civil War Trust.

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The best benefit of joining the Civil War Trust is knowing you've helped preserve endangered Civil War battlefields—forever. But there are other benefits too—from your subscription to Hallowed Ground Magazine to exclusive battle maps and more.


Recently completed battlefield appeals

  • Help Save Chickamauga 2013

    The Civil War Trust's 2013 effort to save 109 acres at Reed's Bridge, the site of the opening action of the 1863 Battle of Chickamauga.

  • Help Save Ball's Bluff 2013

    The Civil War Trust's 2013 effort to save 3 key acres of the Ball's Bluff battlefield in Leesburg, Virginia. This October 21, 1861 battle along the Potomac River had substantial political ramifications in the north.

  • Franklin 2012

    In 2012 the Civil War Trust initiated a campaign to save and reclaim three key tracts at the Franklin Battlefield in Tennessee. The "Strip Center" tract - maybe one of the bloodiest and historic tracts that we've saved anywhere - will help create a critical mass of battlefield land that has been rescued from the urban landscape. With these tracts in hand the business of creating a true battlefield visitor experience can begin.

  • Appomattox and Sailor's Creek 2012

    Join us in our effort to save 175 battlefield acres at Sailor's Creek and Appomattox Court House. Thanks to a generous match, each dollar donated will be greatly magnified in helping us save this hallowed ground.

  • Kelly's Ford 2012

    Join us in our campaign to save 964 acres of the Kelly's Ford battlefield in Virginia. It was here on St. Patrick’s Day, 1863, 3,000 Union troopers clashed with 800 Confederate horsemen, in one of the largest cavalry clashes of the war, and a fight which was the “coming out” party of the re-energized Union cavalry.

  • Chancellorsville 2012

    The Civil War Trust's 2012 effort to save 14 acres associated with Stonewall Jackson's May 2, 1863 flank attack at the Battle of Chancellorsville.

  • Middleburg 2012

    The Civil War Trust's 2012 effort to save the Mount Defiance portion of the Middleburg battlefield in Virginia's Loudoun County. The June 19, 1863 fighting here was one of the key early cavalry battles of the Gettysburg campaign.

  • Shiloh 2012

    The Civil War Trust's campaign to save 491 acres of the Shiloh Battlefield

  • Tom's Brook 2012

    The Civil War Trust's campaign to save 161 acres at the Tom's Brook battlefield in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. These rolling hillsides were the scene of a pivotal 1864 cavalry clash between George Custer and former West Point classmate Thomas Rosser.

  • Cross Keys 2012

    The Civil War Trust's 2012 effort to preserve 83 acres of the Cross Keys Battlefield in the Shenandoah Valley. This 1862 battle was one of the important Confederate victories that helped to create Stonewall Jackson's legend.

  • Cedar Creek 2012

    The Civil War Trust's 2012 effort to save 77 key acres at the Cedar Creek Battlefield, site of the climactic battle of the 1864 Shenandoah Valley Campaign.

  • Mill Springs 2012

    The Civil War Trust in 2012 initiated a new campaign to save 16.4 acres of the Mill Springs Battlefield in Kentucky.

  • Perryville 2012

    The Civil War Trust is announcing a new campaign to save 121 acres of the Perryville Battlefield in Kentucky. This new campaign will allow us to save and preserve the Slaughter Pen section of the battlefield - an area filled with history and sacrifice.

  • Shiloh - Fallen Timbers 2011

    The Civil War Trust is currently working to save 267 acres of battlefield land associated with the April 8, 1862 battle at Fallen Timbers, the closing action of the Shiloh Campaign.

  • Gaines' Mill - Longstreet's Assault 2011-2012

    Learn more about the Civil War Trust's efforts to save the 285-acre Longstreet's Attack tract on the Gaines' Mill battlefield. This preserved land will increase the protected portion of this historic battlefield by 400%.

  • Parker's Cross Roads 2011

    In September 2011, the Civil War Trust announced a new effort to save and preserve a 52-acre section of the Parker's Cross Roads battlefield in Tennessee.

  • Perryville 2011

    The Civil War Trust's 2011 appeal to save 141 acres of the Perryville Battlefield associated with the fighting at the Squire Bottom House

  • Second Manassas 2011

    The Civil War Trust preservation effort to save 44 crucial battlefield acres on the Second Manassas battlefield in 2011.

  • Grant's HQ at The Wilderness

    Our new 2011 appeal to save a 1.4 acre section of the Wilderness Battlefield associated with the location of Ulysses S. Grant's headquarters on the battlefield.

  • Gaines' Mill and Cold Harbor 2011

    In April 2011, the Civil War Trust embarked on a campaign to save two tracts associated with historic charges - one at Gaines' Mill and another at Cold Harbor. Learn more about how you can help save these historic battlefield tracts.

  • Save Resaca and Dallas

    The Civil War Trust's new preservation campaign to save 538 acres of crucial battlefield land at Resaca and Dallas, Georgia, two key sites of the 1864 Atlanta Campaign.

  • Save Franklin 2011

    Civil War Trust Campaign to save additional land associated with the fighting near the Union Eastern flank during the November 30,1864 Civil War Battle of Franklin, Tennessee.

  • Save Franklin 2010

    Civil War Trust Campaign to save additional land associated with the fighting near the Carter Cotton Gin during the 1864 Civil War Battle of Franklin, Tennessee.

  • Spring Hill 2010

    CWPT's 2010 campaign to save 84 acres of hallowed ground at the battlefield in Spring Hill, Tennessee.

  • Second Manassas 2010

    The Civil War Trust's 2010 campaign to save 10 acres of the Second Manassas Battlefield associated with the August 30, 1862 attack of Fitz John Porter's Union Fifth Corps on Stonewall Jackson's Confederates in the Deep Cut. This opportunity is part of our ongoing mission to save crucial Hallowed Ground in Virginia.

  • Perryville

    CWPT 2010 campaign to save 327 acres at the Perryville Battlefield in Kentucky

  • Save Three Battlefields

    Help us save 97 acres of hallowed ground at three important Civil War battlefields - Glendale, Davis's Bridge and Ream's Station.

  • Gettysburg

    CWPT campaign to save battlefield land on the historic Synder Farm on the Gettysburg battlefield.

  • Gettysburg 2011

    The Civil War Trust announced a new campaign to preserve four more tracts of Gettysburg Battlefield land, including the 95 acre Gettysburg Country Club tract.

  • Save the Wilderness

    CWPT preservation campaign to save 49 acres of the Wilderness Battlefield near Saunders Field.

  • Gettysburg

    Civil War Trust's campaign to save 5 acres of historic Power's Hill at the Gettysburg Battlefield. It was from this position that Union artillery unleashed a terrible barrage upon Confederate forces holding lower Culp's Hill and Spangler's Spring.

  • Save Malvern Hill

    Join us in working to save 178 acres of the Malvern Hill battlefield - where Union and Confederate artillery thundered in 1862.

  • Save Appomattox Station

    CWPT has just announced a campaign to save 46 acres at the Appomattox Station battlefield. Let's save the first acres of this battlefield where Custer's troopers met Walker's cannon. A $115 to $1 match will greatly magnify any donation.

  • Chancellorsville and The Wilderness

    Join us in saving 179 acres of the Chancellorsville and Wilderness battlefields - the very ground of Jackson's Flank Attack and where Grant first met Lee in battle.

  • Save Raymond

    Help us save the Mississippi battlefield where one of the most significant battles of Grant's Vicksburg Campaign was fought.

  • Trevilian Station

    Help us save the battlefield where Gen. Custer fought in the largest all-cavalry battle of the Civil War.

  • Save Port Republic

    Join us as we seek to save 178 acres of the Port Republic battlefield - the final battle of Stonewall Jackson's famed Valley Campaign of 1862.

  • Davis Bridge

    Donations by CWPT members helped to save more than 640 core acres of the Davis Bridge battlefield in Tennessee.

  • First Deep Bottom - Glendale 2010

    CWPT's new campaign to save 104 acres of the First Deep Bottom and Glendale battlefields in Virginia. The Battle of First Deep Bottom was a part of Ulysses S. Grant's plan to draw Confederate troops away from the center of the Petersburg line where he expected a breakthrough after igniting an explosives packed trench under the Rebel lines.

  • Glendale

    CWPT's new campaign to save an additional 11 acres at the Glendale Battlefield in Virginia. "The recent preservation success at Glendale defies comparison... There has been nothing like it before in Virginia... Never before in modern times has anyone preserved a major battlefield virtually from scratch."

  • Third Winchester

    Push Us Over the Top - we're inches from our goal of saving 209 additional acres of the Third Winchester battlefield. Help us put this land into the saved column.

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