Civil War Trust

  • Save Champion Hill

    Grant’s Vicksburg Campaign

    Today, you have the opportunity to permanently preserve 66 historic acres at Champion Hill at the heart of the main fighting.

  • Brandy Station Battle App® Guide

    Download the latest addition to our suite of 15 FREE apps to explore Civil War history, on the battlefields or from your home.

  • Save Antietam Epicenter

    Join us in saving a 44-acre triangular-shaped parcel of land, described as the most blood-soaked ground on that entire battlefield, at the heart of Antietam.

  • End of the Civil War

    150th Anniversary

    After four years of Civil War, the United States of America began the 'Road to Reunion' in the spring and summer of 1865. Learn more about these dramatic events and plan your own commemoration.

  • Annual Conference

    "The Road to Appomattox"

    Join us next year in Richmond for four days of camaraderie and Civil War touring at some of America's great Civil War battlefields in Virginia — June 3–June 7, 2015.

  • Save 3 Battlefields

    Help save 19 acres of hallowed ground at three battlefields of the Western Theater — Mill Springs, Perryville, and Stones River — that kept Union hopes for victory afloat.

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Digital Collections Trailer

Do you know all has to offer? Watch this video trailer to discover the breadth of our assets, from battlefield aerials to series of videos.

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Antietam Epicenter Video

Antietam Epicenter

This War Department™ episode focuses on the fighting on — and significance of — unpreserved land at the heart of the Antietam battlefield.

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From the Front Lines


Honor Our Soldiers


CFC Campaign

Civil War Timeline

Learn more about our Civil War
history via our interactive timeline. Follow the great events of the American Civil War.
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Hallowed Ground Magazine Online

Each issue of our award-winning magazine is packed with Civil War history from the finest authors and information on Civil War Trust activities. View the Magazine »

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Treat your family to an educational adventure by touring Civil War battlefields. Visit Civil War Discovery Trail for trip planning, tour maps,
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