Beaver Dam Creek

Battle of Beaver Dam Creek
June 26, 1862

Second of the Seven Days’ Battles. Gen. Robert E. Lee initiated his offensive against McClellan’s right flank north of the Chickahominy River. A.P. Hill threw his division, reinforced by one of D.H. Hill’s brigades, into a series of futile assaults against Brig. Gen. Fitz John Porter’s V Corps, which was drawn up behind Beaver Dam Creek. Confederate attacks were driven back with heavy casualties. Jackson’s Shenandoah Valley divisions, however, were approaching from the northwest, forcing Porter to withdraw the next morning to a position behind Boatswain Creek just beyond Gaines’ Mill.

Battle Facts


  • Seven Days Battles

Battles In This Campaign



  • June 26, 1862

Union Commander

Confederate Commander

Forces Engaged

  • 15,631 Union Union Flag
  • 16,361 Confederate Confederate Flag

Estimated Casualties

  • 400 UnionUnion Flag
  • 1,300 ConfederateConfederate Flag


  • Union Victory Union Flag

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