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Perryville Battlefield Preservation Association

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216 South Buell Street
Perryville, KY 40468, USA

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The Battle of Perryville on October 8, 1862, forever changed the City of Perryville and remains the definitive event in its history. Union and Confederate infantry fought in the streets and several buildings were struck by artillery fire or burned. Wounded from both sides sought shelter in the city, and Perryville served as a hospital for several months after the engagement. After the war, Perryville's streets were renamed for Union and Confederate generals. The PBPA acts as lead preservation agency for the Perryville Battlefield and related sites in and around the City of Perryville. We preserve Merchant's Row, one of the the nation's last fully-intact 19th Century streetscapes, plus the Crawford House -- Confederate headquarters during the battle. We collaborate with Perryville Battlefield State Historic Site on a variety of preservation and interpretation projects, and our sites in town help people understand the full story of Kentucky's largest battle.