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Support Creation of Brandy Station and Cedar Mountain State Park

Virginia State Senator Bryce Reeves is standing with the Civil War Trust and the Brandy Station and Cedar Mountain State Park Alliance in championing our proposal to transform more than 1,000 acres of historic battlefield land in Culpeper County into Virginia’s next state park. This includes the site of Culpeper’s first and bloodiest Civil War clash at Cedar Mountain together with the site of the largest cavalry battle ever fought in any war waged in the Western Hemisphere at Brandy Station. 

But Senator Reeves can’t do this alone. We need your help as a Virginian, now more than ever, in reaching out to your state senator over the phone. 

Please complete the form on this page, and you will soon receive a phone call. Then, simply answer your phone, input your ZIP Code when prompted, and we’ll make sure that you’re patched through to the right office. Once your state senator or a staff member is on the line, keep the call short and simple:

-First and foremost, let the person who answers your call know who you are — tell them your name and where you live, so that they’ll know you’re a constituent.

-Explain that you’re calling to ask your senator to support Senator Bryce Reeves’ budget amendment for the creation of the Brandy Station and Cedar Mountain State Park.

-Provide your senator’s office with the specific number of Senator Reeves’ amendment: item 363 number 4 S (Item 363 #4s.)

-Thank the person on the line for their time, and note that your senator can find out more about the proposed park at

-Above all, be polite — and be concise. Your brevity will be welcomed; keeping a senator or a staff member on the line for too long hurts, rather than helps, our cause.

By making this call, you will be donating a few minutes of your time to help create something that will last forever. Thank you, now as ever, for your support — and thank you for making a difference.