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Civil War Traveling Trunk

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Hands-on classroom resources

The Civil War Traveling Trunk program provides reproduction Civil War artifacts, books, music and other various materials for teachers to utilize during their Civil War instruction.  The trunk fosters a greater interest in the American Civil War and in battlefield preservation by allowing students to have a hands-on experience. 

The Civil War Traveling Trunk is FREE for teachers!

Note: Trunk registration for the 2017-2018 school year is closed. All available dates have been filled. Applicants will be notified of the status on, or before, August 17, 2018.


Traveling Trunk Landscape


Rental Procedure:

  1. Request a trunk by filling out the Rental Request Form. Please do not email or call the Civil War Trust to request a trunk, you must use the Rental Request Form to request a Traveling Trunk.  
  2. Traveling Trunks are available for the 2017-2018 school year, from September 11, 2017-June 15, 2018.
  3. Each class has the trunk for five days, Monday-Friday. The Trust will create a schedule based on the requests received and contact you to let you know your dates within two weeks of your application. 
  4. Teachers will be emailed an inventory of the trunk as well as a link to online versions of several of the lesson plans and other materials in the trunk for planning purposes.
  5. Assuming that there are no shipping problems, you will receive the trunk about three days before your scheduled week.
  6. The Civil War Trust assumes responsibility for  shipping costs to and from your school. 
  7. While you have the trunk, we encourage you to take pictures of your students using the trunk and send the pictures to the Trust!
  8. On Wednesday during your scheduled week, a member of the Trust's education team will email you shipping instructions and a prepaid UPS label to get the trunk to the next teacher.  Then simply attach the label and take the trunk to a UPS store or pick-up location.
  9. All trunks must be passed onto the next school, or back to the Civil War Trust, in good condition. If the trunk is not passed on in good condition, the teacher and/or school district will be held financially responsible for any damage to the trunk or its contents, the school district will not receive any future trunks, and the school district will not be eligible for any Field Trip Fund grants. 
  10. Please keep in mind that the demand for the trunks is at an all time high. We do not have enough trunks to accommodate each and every request. Just because you apply for a trunk, does not mean that you will receive one. The Civil War Trust staff will contact you and let you know if you will receive a trunk. 

See where the Traveling Trunk has traveled to this school year:


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