2016 Essay Contest Third Place, Junior Division

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Pranav Kumarasubramanian

Post1865: Effects of the War

History is like the roots of tree. Just like how a tree needs roots to get nutrients we need history to learn and grow. The Civil War is an important part of our history that tethers all Americans to their homeland like tree to the ground. From the Civil War we; the people grew and rose as a nation and battled the iron grip of racism that poisoned the nation. From the ashes of war an America began to form that was broken from the shackles that bound the slaves that once inhabited its land. After the war many things happened and the people of this nation then faced the challenge of integrating its people into a proud nation once again.

The black people were new free from the shackles of slavery. Sadly they were still bound by the chains of hate. Many southerners had a profound seed of hate growing in the pits of their stomach. They believed that colored people didn’t have a place among this newly formed society. Due to this many freed slaves still lived in fear.Groups like the Ku Klux Klan were formed around 1866. The KKK especially publicly conducted very violent acts against African Americans. America still had a ways to go even though the war was over.

Overall the period of reconstruction and reconciliation was a difficult time for America. Reintegrating its people was a tough job for our nation. However through it all we pulled through. After all the oppression the African American people went through they never lost heart. They faced so much hate from so many people. Throughout the Civil War they faced hardships and pain. All for what? So that one day they may fly like birds untethered by the weight of slavery. So that one day they may be free. Their perseverance will always be embedded in our nation’s roots in the hopes that one day the posterity of the American people will be able to look upon their countries history and learn how far we have come.