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Save Three Virginia Battlefields

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Gaines' Mill, Cedar Mountain, and Cold Harbor

The Civil War Trust now has the tremendous opportunity to build on previous successes at three Virginia battlefields: Gaines’ Mill, Cedar Mountain, and Cold Harbor. At Gaines’ Mill, we have the chance to save additional land associated with the charge that broke the Union line on June 27, 1862—another link in the chain of preserved land we have protected in the last five years. We can also triple the number of preserved acres at the Cedar Mountain battlefield in Culpeper, Virginia. This land—a whopping 333 acres—was a major Union artillery platform during the August 9, 1862, battle and the scene of a late rearguard action that allowed a portion of the Union army to escape. Lastly, we have the chance to save the site of Fletcher’s Redoubt on the Cold Harbor battlefield—key land from the Overland Campaign of 1864.

In preserving this land, we’ll be adding to the more than 514 acres we have already saved at these three battlefields, bringing our grand total to more than 900 acres of hallowed ground. At least 32,000 Americans became casualties on these three battlefields. Now, we have an opportunity to preserve their memory by saving the land where they made sacrificed everything for us.

Save Three Virginia Battlefields!

It is not every day that you and I get the chance to save a tract of battlefield land that was part of two very important battles. Today, we have the chance to do that with three tracts of land, plus more than double the amount of preserved land at Cedar Mountain.
Jim Lighthizer, Civil War Trust President




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