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Following the British loss in the Battle of York, General Sir George Prevost was anxious to strike a blow against the Americans and their naval forces on Lake Ontario. Before daylight on May 29, 1813, a combined force of Britons, Canadians and Native Americans began their raid on Sackets Harbor, New York, a key base for the U.S. Navy. The amphibious assault began on Horse Island, where the Albany Volunteers attempted to stop the British landing only to be overwhelmed by superior numbers. The New Yorkers scurried across a narrow causeway to the mainland with the British in hot pursuit. The chasing British reached the shore only to find themselves under fire from American artillery. The New Yorkers rallied briefly, firing one volley before retreating to their defenses. British and Canadian troops then assaulted the town of Sackets Harbor, but were repulsed by well-entrenched U.S. Regulars. Though the Americans torched some of their supplies in the Navy shipyard, the British raid on Sackets Harbor had largely failed.

Earlier this year, the Civil War Trust saved Horse Island at Sackets Harbor—our first preservation victory at a War of 1812 battlefield. We now have the opportunity to build on that success by saving a small-but-crucial tract associated with the next phase of the fighting: the crossing of the causeway. This 0.33-acre property sits where the wartime causeway met the shore of Lake Ontario—land over which American and British forces would have fought in 1813. You and I have the chance not only to save this place and add to the land preserved by the Civil War Trust, but to further tell the story of a key battle in America’s second war of independence. 

Contribute today and help us preserve this valuable battlefield land!

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