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Field Trip Fund FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Field Trip Fund

Who is eligible to apply for the Field Trip Fund?

All K-12 classes are eligible to apply for field trip funding. 


I want to take a school club on a field trip, can I apply for funding?

Yes. While we prefer to send classes to battlefields and historic sites, we will consider field trips conducted by school clubs. 


Is there a deadline for applying to the Field Trip Fund?

No, we have a rolling admissions policy. You can apply throughout the school year and summer. However, you must apply for field trip funding at least one month prior to your trip. 


I don't know the dates or locations of my field trip, should I apply to the Field Trip Fund anyhow?

No, if you do not know the date or locations of your trip we will automatically reject your application and ask that you apply when you have the information. 


My school has received funding through the Field Trip Fund over the last 12-18 months, can we still apply?

Yes, but we do take the number of classes that we have funded field trips for, from each school district, into consideration.


Can I apply to fund a field trip that we have already taken? 

No, all trips must be preapproved by the Civil War Trust. 


What should I include on the application?

You should answer all questions honestly and to your best ability. Our staff does confirm information you provide about your school, class size, destinations, etc. Any falsely provided information will automatically disqualify your application. 

We also consider:

  • Your school's financial needs. 
  • Number of students participating in said field trip. 
  • Number of prior field trips the Civil War Trust has funded for your school. Classes that received a grant in the 2016-2017 school year, may not be eligible for a grant in the 2017-2018 school year. 
  • The frequency of other approved field trips to a specific battlefield, museum, and other historic site destinations. 
  • Certitude of teachers plans. 
  • Battlefield-centric experiences.
  • Planned activities while on your field trip.  


Is the Field Trip Fund meant only to send classes to battlefields?

No, but we are a battlefield preservation organization and field trips to battlefields are preferred.


How long will it take to receive an answer about my application?

All applications will be reviewed and answered within two weeks. 


How much funding should I expect to receive from the Civil War Trust?

The Field Trip Fund is designed to offset the costs for field trips. It is NOT designed to fully fund a field trip. Depending on a variety of factors, you may receive between $250 and $1,500 for your field trip. 


What sites would the Field Trip Fund help send my class to?

The Field Trip Fund is designed to send students to battlefields, museums, and other historic sites related to the Civil War, War of 1812, and the Revolutionary War. 


I want to take my class to see an historical movie, play, or musical; will the Field Trip fund cover that?



I want to take my class to a site associated with the World Wars; will the Civil War Trust fund a trip like that?



I want to take my class to a non-Civil War, War of 1812 or Revolutionary War site. Will you still provide funding?

No, the purpose of the fund is to send kids to places related to those three conflicts. 


Will you provide funding for a field trip to a Civil War, War of 1812, or Revolutionary War reenactment?

No. Due to insurance liability issues and the use of live firearms, we will not provide funding for trips to any reenactments. 


Will the Field Trip Fund pay for souvenirs, overnight hotel stays, luxury travel options, etc.?

No. The Civil War Trust reserves the right to withhold reimbursement for luxury items, souvenirs, overnight hotel stays, etc. 


What will the Field Trip Fund reimbursement fund?

The following items can be covered by the Field Trip Fund: transportation, meals, admission fees, and reasonable presenter/guide fees.


How long does it to to receive my reimbursement?

Reimbursement is dependent on each teacher. It is up to you to submit all of the necessary forms, receipts, thank you cards, etc. to the Civil War Trust. Once we have all of this information, in good order, it normally takes 14 business days for you to receive your reimbursement. 


We are strapped for cash. Will the Civil War Trust provide me with funds prior to my field trip? 

Absolutely not. All funds will be dispersed AFTER the completion of your field trip, and the submission of all necessary forms, receipts, thank you cards, etc.


I didn't get any pictures, videos, or thank you cards; will my class still be reimbursed for our trip. 



We went on our field trip, but did not visit any of the sites we were approved to go to by the Civil War Trust. Are we still eligible for reimbursement?

No. The Civil War Trust expects you to visit the sites that you provided on you Field Trip Fund application, on the dates provided. If aspects of your trip change at anytime, please contact the Civil War Trust Education Department as soon as possible. 


Please Note:

Funding may be revoked by the Civil War Trust at any time for the following reason(s): post-approval trip date change, post-approval destination change, falsified receipts, excessive guide fees, class/teacher not fulfilling their required photo, video, and thank you note requirements. 


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