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Rob Shenk / Civil War Trust

Walk in the Footsteps of Gettysburg’s Heroes

A Civil War Trust Generations Event

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Bring someone of another generation with you to this FREE event; space is limited.
Civil War Trust Event
Gettysburg National Military Park
September 2, 2017
Gettysburg National Military Park
Meet at McPherson’s Ridge (Auto Tour Stop #1)
Reynolds Ave S
Gettysburg, PA


Help instill a lifelong passion for history by bringing your son, daughter, niece, neighbor or friend as we walk in the footsteps of Civil War soldiers.

As the Confederate army moved toward Gettysburg on July 1, 1863, Union soldiers under Generals Buford and Reynolds stood like iron and slowed the advance. A local citizen named John Burns joined the fight to protect his town. Confederate General Robert E. Lee saw his victorious men sweep the enemy off of Seminary Ridge, where Lee soon made his headquarters. In furious fighting, Confederates won the day and many of those who lived and died have become historical icons. For citizen John Burns, he was known in the last years of his life as the Hero of Gettysburg.

Share your passion for history with your child, niece, grandson or friends for this special “Generations” event, sponsored by the Civil War Trust and the National Park Service. Choose your side, get in line and march in the footsteps of your ancestors on the very ground where these and countless other human events transpired. Some lucky kids will even get to don the uniforms of their choice! As always, our "Cadet Conference" format employs hands-on activities and stresses teamwork, leadership, ethics and responsibility lessons as the fighting, photos and fascinating evolution of Gettysburg National Battlefield comes to life.


  • Registration is required.
  • The event is FREE and open to all who brings someone from another generation.
  • The event will involve up to one mile of walking (although there are opportunities to limit this)
  • Please wear appropriate footwear and be prepared for inclement weather.



Saturday, September 2, 2017

9:45–10:04am: Meet at McPherson’s Ridge, Gettysburg auto tour stop #1

10:05am: Welcome, introduction

10:20am: School of the soldier, choose your side

10:40am: The battles for McPherson’s Ridge

11:15am: On to Seminary Ridge

11:45am: Lee’s Headquarters

12:15pm: Wrap up

12:30pm: Program concludes, return to vehicles