Valley Forge
Painted by A. Chappel, Engraved by H.B. Hall / Society of the Cincinnati

Icons of the Revolution: Valley Forge & Washington Crossing Live

A Facebook Live Event

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Civil War Trust Event
February 23, 2018

Join the Civil War Trust Education Department as we examine two of the most pivotal moments in the career of General George Washington—the winter at Valley Forge and his famed crossing of the Delaware River.

Starting at 10:45 AM, we will be live on Facebook from Valley Forge Historical Park, one of the most iconic locations of the American Revolution. It was here that Washington's Army suffered through the harsh winter of 1777-1778. Explore the recreated winter huts and park with us, as you hear stories of how the men and Washington endured the winter and how Baron von Steuben helped to reshape the Continental Army. 

Then, at 3:15 PM, we will visit Washington Crossing Historic Park, where George Washington famously crossed the Delaware River in December of 1776; undertaking one of the boldest offensive actions in all of American history. We will take you to the banks of the Delaware River, into the Washington Crossing visitor center, and through the historic village.

This is a Facebook Live event that you don't want to miss. 


Civil War Trust Education Department
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