Teacher Institute 2017
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Frequently Asked Questions

National Teacher Institute: July 13-16, 2017

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Find the answers to your questions about attending the Civil War Trust’s 2017 National Teacher Institute
Memphis Marriott East
Memphis Marriott East
5795 Poplar Ave.
Memphis, TN 38119

Planning your trip to the Civil War Trust National Teacher Institute

Where will the 2017 National Teacher Institute be held in Memphis?

All lectures, workshops, and meals will take place at the Memphis Marriott East. The tours will leave and return to the Memphis Marriott East. The hotel is located at 5795 Poplar Ave. Memphis, TN. 38119.

Do I need to stay at the Memphis Marriott East to participate in the National Teacher Institute?

No. You can stay anywhere!

What if the CWT room block is sold out at the Memphis Marriott East? What should I do about a room?

You will need to make reservations at another hotel. There are many in the area. Click here for more information about area hotels.

Why did the Trust not block more rooms at the hotel?

We have to play a guessing game as to how many participants will attend and how many will actually stay at the hotel. If we do not fill a certain number of rooms, the Trust is charged for those rooms not booked by participants.

What is the parking fee at the Memphis Marriott East?

Zero dollars. Parking is free at the hotel.

Do I need to rent a car while I am in Memphis?

That is entirely up to you. The Trust will provide bus transportation for each of the included tours. Those buses will pick up at the Marriott and drop off there as well. If you decide to go into Memphis or tour any other historic sites, you will need to provide your own transportation.

Does the hotel have a shuttle to and from the airport?

Yes, but you must be a guest of the hotel and you must call the hotel at 901-682-0080 to schedule a pick up. Pick-ups and drop offs are every hour, on the hour.

Does the hotel have shuttles to anywhere other than the airport?

No. Should you wish to visit Memphis or other sites that the Civil War Trust is not providing tours to, you will need to find a way to get there.

Does the Trust arrange my travel arrangements, including my hotel, airfare, and rental car?

No. You must make your own reservations and pay out of pocket for them. If you are a scholarship winner, be sure to keep your travel receipts for submission later.

I won a scholarship, do you pay for all of my travel up front?

No, you must keep your receipts and submit them with your reimbursement form after the conclusion of the Institute.

Why can’t my spouse and children join me at the event?

The Teacher Institute is designed for an adult audience, we do not cater to children at the event. Kids would be bored and out of place. Our goal is to have an environment that is conducive to teacher development and we truly want to focus on educators.

Any non-educator spouses are also not permitted to attend. Our goal is to keep this event free to teachers, while providing as many travel scholarships as possible. If we allow non-educators to join us, the quality of the event would suffer greatly. We would have to cap the number of participants (it would fill to max capacity quickly), eliminate travel scholarships, and select second rate venues due to budget constraints. Also, our workshops are designed for teachers, the average Civil War buff will walk away unsatisfied from many of our workshops, as they are not geared toward them.

Can I change my tour selection once I get to the Institute?

Yes, you will have the option to at registration.

Do I need to sign up for any workshops in advance of registration?


If I won a scholarship do I still have to register for the Institute and put down a deposit?


What if I need to cancel my reservation?

Should you need to cancel your reservations for the event, please notify the Civil War Trust as soon as possible. To receive a full refund of your deposit, any cancellation must be made on or prior to July 9th. You will automatically forfeit your $100.00 deposit if: (1) you cancel your event reservation after July 9th OR (2) you register for the event and do not show up!

If you are a scholarship winner, and you don’t attend the event, you will both forfeit your $100.00 deposit and you will not be considered for any future Teacher Institute scholarships.

How many continuing education contact hours can I earn at the event?

You may earn up to 24 contact hours. The number CE credits that are provided to each participant will be commensurate with the number of workshops, tours, etc…. attended by each participant. Sign in and sign out sheets will be provided for each session throughout the weekend. All credit certificates will be processed AFTER the event.

Do I have to pay extra for the tours and do I need a car to get there?

No, we pay your entrance fees and bus you to and from the tour locations.

Are any of the Saturday tours going to Corinth?

Yes, but only the Shiloh: Through the Eyes of Children tour is going to Corinth.

What time will the Sunday tours end?

We will have you back to the hotel at 12:30 PM.

How do I receive my deposit refund after the event concludes?

You will receive an exit survey within three (3) business days after the conclusion of the event. You must complete the exit survey, which will include questions about your deposit and CE credits.

How long will it take to receive my deposit refund after I complete the exit survey?

Please allow 7-10 business days for processing.

Can I donate my deposit to the Civil War Trust?

Yes, you may request that the Civil War Trust keeps your deposit. This tax deductible donation would be greatly appreciated.

How do I receive my continuing education credits?

You will be asked in your exit survey if you wish to receive CE credits. If you choose to receive the credits, you will receive a letter via email confirming credit hours earned. Please allow two weeks for processing of the credit hours.

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