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Cavalry Charge at Brandy Station!

A Civil War Trust Generations Event

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Bring someone of another generation with you to this FREE event; space is limited.
Civil War Trust Event
September 30, 2017
Brandy Station Battlefield
20362 Fleetwood Heights Road
Brandy Station, VA 22714


For the first time since the Battle of Brandy Station, you can stand just yards away as Union and Confederate cavalrymen pound up and down Fleetwood Hill, with flags waving and sabers slashing!

Share your passion for history with your child, niece, grandson or friends for this special “Generations” event, sponsored by the Civil War Trust. Choose your side, get in line, and march in the footsteps of your ancestors on the very ground of the largest cavalry fight upon this continent. Get up close with the horses as you maneuver in line of battle; learn to use your saber and how to respond to bugle calls. Some lucky kids will even get to don the uniforms of their choice and see the battlefield astride a horse!  As always, our "Cadet Conference" format employs hands-on activities and stresses teamwork, leadership, ethics and responsibility lessons as the fighting, photos and fascinating evolution of the Brandy Station Battlefield comes to life—hallowed ground that hosted fighting, marching and camping for two brutal years. 



  • Registration is required.
  • The event is FREE and open to all who bring a kid (up to 19 years old) with them.
  • Kids of all ages are welcome but those ages 7 and up will get the most out of it.
  • The event will involve up to one-half mile of walking
  • Please wear appropriate footwear and be prepared for inclement weather.



Saturday, September 30, 2017

1:15pm to 1:30pm: Gather atop Fleetwood Hill (map)  

1:32pm: Welcome, intro

1:40pm: Fleetwood Hill—battleground, headquarters, hallowed ground.

2:00pm: The Battle for Fleetwood Hill—described and performed!

2:30pm: School of the Soldier

2:50pm: Outflank the enemy!

3:25pm: Drive one mile and meet at cavalry camp

3:30pm: Tour cavalry camp, see saber practice and get up close with horses

4:25pm: Event concludes