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Join the fight to save America’s heritage! At the Civil War Trust, we fight to save and restore our nation’s historic battlefields. We believe battlefields are hallowed ground, living memorials to the sacrifices of American soldiers, past and present. Start preserving history by joining us today! »

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  • Together we can save the hallowed battlegrounds of the Civil War, Revolutionary War and War of 1812 for future generations!

The Civil War Trust thanks the Long Gray Line for their role in preserving our nation, and for their sacrifices for duty, honor, and country.
Take a look at the prominent role West Point alumni played in both sides of the conflict during the American Civil War in this short video:

Our In4 video series is just one of the educational programs created by the Civil War Trust to educate people of all ages about our nation’s incredible history. Join us today to support more educational programs! »

The Civil War Trust is the largest and most effective nonprofit organization devoted to the preservation of America’s hallowed battlegrounds of the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, and Civil War. This group of more than 55,000 members and supporters have helped save more than 43,000 acres of land in 23 states, at 123 battlefields.