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Take action today to save Monocacy National Battlefield

Local officials in Frederick, Maryland, are moving forward on a proposed Waste to Energy Incinerator along the Monocacy River, which would tower over the Monocacy Battlefield. On these fields 150 years ago, soldiers consecrated this land with their blood in a fight that would become known as the “Battle that Saved Washington.” Now, this cherished piece of American history is threatened by the noise and air pollution of a massive industrial facility just yards away from the National Park.

Concerned residents are already voicing their opposition to this harmful development, which would result in a massive, 275-foot smokestack overshadowing this historic landscape, destroying the viewshed and the reverent atmosphere of this sacred battleground. We must take action to preserve this national treasure for generations of Americans to come.

Join the fight against this proposal by writing to the Board of Commissioners of Frederick County, asking them once and for all to kill this misguided, expensive, and unnecessary project.

Please make your voice heard – act now and save Monocacy National Battlefield today!

Speak Out


If you are a Maryland resident, please urge Frederick County Commissioners to oppose the proposed waste to energy (WTE) incinerator in Frederick County, particularly its proximity to the Monocacy National Battlefield.

We need your help! Here is how you can get involved and defend this hallowed ground:

Sign a letter to Commissioner Young and the General Commissioner Account »

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