Talking Points for Telephone Call to Your Elected Representatives in Washington, D.C.

Conservation Easement Incentive Act

To help ensure the long-term survival of our successful battlefield preservation efforts, please pick up the phone and call your electing officials in on Capitol Hill to make the case — in your own words — that you want them to support H.R. 2807, the Conservation Easement Incentive Act. 

To find their contact information, use these simple searches to find your Senator and find your Representatives in Congress.

I cannot stress to you how important your phone call is – it could be the one that helps secure literally millions of dollars in additional matching funds.

Key things to remember when you call:

*  Always be respectful and professional. Even if you did not vote for the official, it is important to let them know your position on battlefield preservation in a courteous way.

*  Give your name and the city or town you are calling from. This identifies you as a constituent of theirs.

*  Understand that you will likely be speaking with a member of the Senator or Representative’s staff, not the elected official directly. This is perfectly acceptable, and your message of support will still be heard.

*  Please thank the staff member for their time and consideration of our request. Congressional offices hear complaints all the time, and, just like anyone else, they feel rewarded when they are shown appreciation for their actions.

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