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As their 19th-century counterparts were uniquely and appropriately acclaimed for their courage, Civil War Trust Color Bearers will be honored for the extraordinary commitment they bring to the mission of saving our nation’s most hallowed ground.
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Carefully examine every depiction of a Civil War battle scene, and you will find them. In nearly every written account of combat, from small skirmishers to history-changing battles, their valor and sacrifices are prominently recounted and forever remembered. Soldiers, North and South, fought—and often died—for the honor to be one: The Color Bearer.

On the battlefields of the American Civil War, no other symbol matched the influence of “the colors”—the unit, state and national flags—under which the men marched, fought and fell. Often the colors were the only indication of the success or failure of a battlefield movement visible to a soldier. Contemporary letters and official reports tell us that every man in the ranks kept watch on those magnificent banners.

The Civil War Trust exists to identify and preserve, for all time, the battlefields of our American Civil War. We do this so that all Americans now and in the future, may continue to learn of the sacrifices made to secure democracy and individual freedoms. Unfortunately, these sacred battlefields are rapidly disappearing under the relentless wave of urban sprawl. To stem this tide of destruction, the Civil War Trust issues an urgent call for volunteers —individuals, corporations and foundations—to join a prominent league of supporters: The Color Bearer.

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  • For more information regarding the Color Bearers please contact:
    Development Associate,
    The Color Bearers
    (202) 367-1861 ext. 7235

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  • "I recently watched the ground mist rise at dawn on the Antietam battlefield. It became even more evident to me that there is no substitute for this land. The communication from the quiet of such places cannot be duplicated in the classroom or on the pages of books. You must stand where those stood who sacrificed so much for us -- to understand. These fields of honor and courage are touchstones of memory that simply must be saved.
  • "We all know time is running out. We certainly cannot do nothing. The Civil War Trust gives us the chance not just to do something, but to do more."
  • - Kenneth Ramsey, Color Bearer
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