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So who is going to care and protect our Civil War battlefields when we're all gone? Are young people today becoming interested in the American Civil War?  Well, one of our youngest members, 12-year old Andrew Druart of Austin, Texas, should give us great hope when considering these important questions.

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Note:  Andrew Druart at our 2012 Annual Conference in Richmond, Virginia was awarded Civil War Trust's Junior Preservation Leader Award by Jim Lighthizer.  Andrew became the youngest person ever to be given a Civil War Trust award.

Andrew recently had a chance to visit many great Civil War battlefields in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Georgia. As you will see below, Andrew's expanding interest in the American Civil War is matched by his passion to help protect these historic battlefields. Wearing his new Civil War Trust "I Help Save Civil War Battlefields" T-Shirt each day, Andrew had a chance to visit Fort Donelson, Shiloh, Franklin, Stones River, and Chickamauga.  

In addition to sharing his letter below, Andrew has asked us to help him raise at least $7,000 for Civil War Battlefield preservation.  Join the Civil War Trust to help Andrew reach this goal!  Donate to the Andrew Druart Save a Battlefield Fund today »

Andrew Druart Photograph
Civil War Trust member Andrew Druart at the Shiloh Battlefield (Tad Druart)

Letter from Andrew Druart

I am Andrew Druart, a ten year old from Austin, TX. I'm a Civil War Trust member just like you. I'm a Civil War fanatic. I've donated more than $100 to Civil War Trust I first became interested in the Civil War when my dad took me to Gettysburg. Since then I have been donating money, writing letters to people who want to build on battlefields, started a website and even became the first Junior Civil War Historian (at least that is what the Park Ranger at Chickamauga said).

Over Spring Break me and my dad went to Tennessee where I learned tons of facts and learned to preserve battlefields by cleaning trash and respecting the hallowed ground. We visited Fort Donelson, Corinth (MS), Shiloh, Chickamauga (GA), Chattanooga, Stones River and Franklin.

Most of the kids in my class said they did not know what the Civil War was or how bad it was. That's why I want to create a website for kids called I also will do a PowerPoint™ for my school.

Parents, here is some advice. Take your kids to a Civil War site at a young age so they can learn about it, how to protect it and have fun. If kids get interested early they may decide to be a Civil War historian, tour guide and park ranger. We will have great people like Larry (Larry DeBerry, Shiloh Tours), Lee (Lee Walker, National Park Service Ranger, Chickamauga) and Mike (Mike Ventura, Living History educator at Camp of Instruction, Franklin, TN) who help protect, learn and teach people about history.

Many men gave their lives for their cause. Why throw that in the trash for a Domino's or cement factory? Remember, building or destroying a battlefield is just like erasing history.

Andrew Druart
Austin, TX (Age 10)
Proud Civil War Trust member since age 9
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Andrew's Civil War Battlefield Photos

Andrew Druart at Fort Donelson

Here is Andrew visiting the Fort Donelson Battlefield in Tennessee. The Civil War Trust has saved more than 307 acres of the Fort Donelson battlefield in Tennessee.  To learn more about the Battle of Fort Donelson please visit our Fort Donelson page.

 Living History at Carnton Plantation

Andrew has a chance to interact with the living historians at the Carnton Plantation on the Franklin Battlefield.  The Civil War Trust has saved more than 170 acres of the Franklin Battlefield and is currently working to save some additional tracts near the critical breakthrough region of the battlefield.  To learn more about the Battle of Franklin visit our Franklin battlefield page.

No Development at Franklin - Andrew Druart

Standing on the site of the former Pizza Hut on the Franklin Battlefield, Andrew's eyes are averted from the nearby Dominos Pizza and Strip Center.  Preservationists, including the Civil War Trust, remain quite interested in reclaiming this key section of the Franklin Battlefield.  The Dominos and Strip Center sit right at the breakthrough region of the Franklin Battlefield.  The site of the famous Carter Cotton Gin is just to the far right in this photo.  See our collection of Franklin battlefield photos here.

Andrew at Chickamauga

Andrew's Civil War journey also took him to the Chickamauga Battlefield in Georgia.  Here, Andrew poses by a cannon at the Brotherton Cabin on the battlefield.  Learn more about this important Civil War battle at our Chickamauga page.

Picking up Trash at Stones River

Andrew picks up trash at the Stones River Battlefield in Tennessee.  Andrew's visit to the Stones River battlefield was so intensive and lasted so long that he needed help to open the closed gates at the park so he and his Dad could exit the park!

Andrew at Stones River

During his visit to the Stones River Battlefield, Andrew had a chance to see the Slaughter Pen section of the battlefield.  To learn more about the Battle of Stone's River please visit our Stones River page.

Support Andrew in his goal to raise $7,000 to help preserve even more Civil War battlefield land. Donate to the Andrew Druart Save a Battlefield Fund today »

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