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Our website is full of resources to assist history teachers with their Civil War educationlessons - including lesson plans, recommended books, featured primary sources, animated maps, and up to date news. Our lesson plans are designed to provide students with a collaborative, creative, and hands on educational experience that is exciting, engaging, and memorable. Our Civil War photography lesson plan: photography as a primary source lesson plan acts as an avid example.

In this lesson plan, students will have the opportunity to view real Civil War photographs, to tease apart the differences between pictures taken today, to investigate those aspects that they find interesting, and to share their findings with their friends and classroom as a whole. Most importantly, students will have their first lesson in the importance of primary sources in historical studies. While focused mainly on photography, this develops creative writing, reading comprehension, and verbal communication. All of the required materials for this civil war lesson plan are available for free on in our educational resources section.

We also have plenty of books that we recommend to both educators and students. The many historians and scholars that work closely with the CWPT have verified these books – for students of every age - as reputable sources of information. Our collection of recommended Civil War education booksinclude novels, picture books, biographies, and much more.

Most importantly, we have our own history center here on our website. Here, you can find an overview of the Civil War, biographies of key figures, recapitulations of certain battles, plenty of primary sources, and unprecedented maps of the Civil War. We are dedicated to spreading the word about the many benefits of Civil War education, and as such, we are constantly adding new articles and scholarly material to our website to engage our current readers (and encourage new ones to visit!)

If you’re a teacher visiting for the first time, or a student doing a report, we are pleased to be able to act as the resource for all of your Civil War education needs.

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