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Civil war history is so very rich with lessons for students of every age. No matter where your interests rest, this major historical event covers some aspect that, after little inquiry, you’ll find relevant and pertinent to your studies. We are dedicated to providing the public with the most detailed and readable civil war maps, carefully crafted civil war lesson plans, and informative pieces about the most important civil war battlefields. Our network of specialized historians and scholars put their heart into these resources, and with their dedication and your contribution, we continue to publish new information month after month.

Our chief concern is the preservation of sacred civil war battlefields. We believe that by illuminating the many sociological, political, economic, and education aspects of Civil War history to the public, they might further their appreciation for the War, it’s legacy, and the many battlefields involved. We do this through guided tours of battlegrounds, through informative online articles, through outreach programs, and through educational lesson plans.

Of our many educational resources, our civil war lesson plans for elementary, middle, and high school students are our most popular. These lesson plans find their way into fourth through twelfth grade English, Social Studies, History, Economics, Politics, Law, Psychology, Art, and Culture classrooms across the nation. Through the use of multimedia devices, public speaking, group work, creative thinking, and critical writing, our lesson plans foster an interdisciplinary appreciation of civil war history. As these students prepare for higher education, this manner of doing history will prove invaluable not only to the strength of their studies, but to their strength of their character as well.

We hope that you’ll take a minute or two to browse through our many resources, as we know that you’ll find something that peaks your interest.

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