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An Interview with Jessie Mae Kanagie

"Face to Face" by Jessie Mae Kanagie was selected as one of the winning photos in the People on Battlefields Category within the 2012 Civil War Trust Photography Contest. In this interview we asked Jessie about how she came to take this photograph and about his technique and photography secrets. See all of the 2012 Civil War Trust Photography Contest Winners »

Face to Face
"Face to Face" (Jessie Mae Kanagie)

Civil War Trust: Jessie, tell us more about how you managed to take this great photo – “Face to Face.”

Jessie Mae Kanagie: The monument is the 1st reg. Eastern Shore Maryland Vol. Infantry. Col Jas Wallace Lockwood’s Independent Brig. 12th Corps... My husband and I have toured the Gettysburg battlefield dozens of times and it has come to be a familiar place for us. On this occasion we were touring Culp’s Hill and my daughter was completely fascinated with this soldier.  I watched as she noticed all the details of his uniform, and then looked him in the eye as though she were thanking him for what he had done... somehow without any words, she told me she understood. Even if it’s on an unconscious level.

Civil War Trust:  When you visit Civil War battlefields what interests you most from a photographic point of view?

Jessie Mae Kanagie:  I find that I am most drawn to shooting from the views of the soldiers, down in the grass, climbing through brush. I also enjoy the details - the small things that make a battlefield unique. The plants, the local animals... I like to try to look deeper than the facade of the well-known battles and their monuments, I like to look into the who, what, where, and the put myself in their place.

Civil War Trust: What secrets can you share about taking a great Civil War battlefield photo?      

Jessie Mae Kanagie:  You should read and know about what you are shooting... know what happened there, what spots, trees, rocks, are important... then you will see what they saw.

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