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An Interview with Tara Baldwin

"One Nation Under God..." by Tara Baldwin was selected as one of the winning photos in the People on Battlefields Category within the 2012 Civil War Trust Photography Contest.  In this interview we asked Tara about this winning photograph and her photographic interests. See all of the 2012 Civil War Trust Photography Contest Winners »

One Nation Under God
"One Nation Under God..." by Tara Baldwin

Civil War Trust: Tara, we love your photo “One Nation Under God..”  Tell us more about how you produced this photo.

Tara Baldwin: I have taken many photos of Camp Nelson. This day happen to be when The Patriot Flag was coming through Kentucky and I was there at Camp Nelson making sure this once in a lifetime event was documented. I had taken hundreds of photos that day, but as I noticed all that was going on around the Flag itself, I noticed this little girl walk underneath as you do a parachute in elementary school.  As the flag waved up and down from all the people it took to hold it up in the wind, I knelt down and noticed she was jumping to touch the stars and that to me was what this event represented the most..our my camera snapped, I said to myself and out loud, "I think I just got the money shot"....everyone who has seen this photo, makes the a comment of  what a great capture it was......I was just very lucky that day.

Civil War Trust:  Have you had the chance to photograph other Civil War battlefields and sites?  What are some of your favorites?

Tara Baldwin: I have photographed Gettysburg, Fort Screven, Old Fort Jackson, Fort Pulaski, and Camp Nelson. My favorite would have to be Camp Nelson, and the reason why is , it is right down the road from me and I feel partial to it due to the fact that it is not one of the most popular battle fields and lots of its stories are unknown to the Nation.

Civil War Trust:  Tell us more about your photographic style.

Tara Baldwin:  I enjoy outdoor photography mainly of people in candid shots that are not posed photos. I love to capture the moment that could tell a whole story in one photo...the reaction on someone’s face, a memory of a life time never to be repeated.

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