2012 Civil War Trust Photo Contest Winners

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The 2012 Civil War Trust Photo Contest

Given the wide range of excellent photos that we receive each year as part of the Civil War Trust Photo Contest it is always a daunting task selecting just a few winners out of the lot.  This year was no different in that we reviewed hundreds of photos that could have easily been assigned the top prize.  But choose we must!

Buddy Secor from Stafford, Virginia provided us with this year's Grand Prize winner.  His beautiful photo of a misty dawn at Fairview on the Chancellorsville Battlefield took our breath away.  Our People's Choice winner is Ron Zanoni whose North Carolina Monument photo is truly a stunner.  In the display above you will find the other winning photos from our various categories.  We do hope that you carefully look at each of these photos - modern works of art that help celebrate the beauty and history that we find at Civil War battlefields across the country.

We continue to believe, as did the great Civil War photographers, that photographs of our battlefields can help transport all of us, even those who are far away, to these historic places. We hope that these photos will inspire you to visit more of our great Civil War battlefields during the 150th anniversary period.

Even though the contest is closed this year, you can continue to share your Civil War photos with us year round. Our American Civil War Battlefields photo group on Flickr remain open 24/7. We are always excited to see your latest photos. Share your photos »


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