2010 CWPT Annual Photo Contest Winners

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About the 2010 Photo Contest

Wow!  With every passing year the number and quality of the photos submitted by all of you into our annual Civil War Trust Photography Contest continues to grow and expand.  I can tell you that all of this year’s judges felt that we could have selected five times the number of official winners and still felt great about our choices.

This year’s contest also featured two new categories – a Peoples’ Choice winner and the High School category.  We are looking forward to growing these two new segments in our contests to come.

We would like to thank all of you who participated in this year's contest.  Your photographs, every one of them, are modern testaments to the beauty, history, and real threats that face our American Civil War battlefields. 

We continue to believe, as did the great Civil War photographers, that photographs of our battlefields can help transport all of us, even those who are far away, to these historic places.  We hope that these photos will inspire you to visit more of our great Civil War battlefields during the upcoming 150th anniversary period.

Judges for the photography contest included many senior Civil War Trust staffers, Bob Zeller of the Center for Civil War Photography, and Dr. Libby O’Connell of History™.  History™ and The Center for Civil War Photography continue to be great sponsors of this annual event – one of our favorite times of the year. For more information about the judging, please see our official contest rules »

Even though the contest is closed this year, you can continue to share your Civil War photos with us year round.  Our American Civil War Battlefields photo group on Flickr remain open 24 x 7.  We are always excited to see your latest photos. Share your photos »


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