How to Load the Rifle Musket

 loading rifle 1

1. Place gun in left hand to load position.

loading rifle 2 

2. Handle cartridge. 

loading rifle 3 

3. Tear cartridge with two front teeth.

 loading rifle 4

4. Pour contents of cartridge into the barrel, including the bullet which you should push down with your finger.

loading rifle 5 

5. Draw rammer for use.

loading rifle 6 

6. Ram cartridge into the base of the barrel.

 loading rifle 7

7. IMPORTANT: Take ram rod out of the barrel and return to its proper location.

loading rifle 8 

8. Prime the cap to ignite the gunpowder inside.

loading rifle 9 

9. Shoulder arms first to show your commanding officer that you're loaded and ready. 10. Ready, aim, fire!

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