Hallowed Ground: Winter 2012

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This quarterly issue of the Civil War Trust's membership magazine turns to the Battle of Fredericksburg, site of the Trust's most ambitious preservation effort at the Slaughter Pen Farm, for the 150th Anniversary, and the Battle of Stone's River. To see all online articles from past issues of the membership magazine, visit the Back Issue Index »

Saving Slaughter Pen Farm

Saving Fredericksburg's Slaughter Pen Farm

Success Stories

In March 2006, the Civil War Trust announced the most ambitious private battlefield acquisition project in American history — a $12 million fundraising campaign to purchase the 208-acre Slaughter Pen Farm on the southern end of the Fredericksburg Battlefield. Read the article »

Before the Slaughter

Before the Slaughter

Chris Mackowski and Kristopher D. White

This feature describes how the Confederate delaying action in the streets of Fredericksburg set the stage for the bloodbath to follow at Slaughter Pen Farm on December 11, 1862, which stands out as among the many engagements of the war. Read the article »

Fredericksburg River

Why Don't We Just Wade Across the River, General Burnside?

One of the most-repeated misconceptions about the Battle of Fredericksburg posits that the Union army, instead of waiting in vain for pontoon boats to arrive, could have easily waded across the Rappahannock River just north of the city. Read the article »

Marye's Heights

After the Crossing: Marye's Heights and Prospect Hill

Once Union troops gained a toehold in the downtown area, the Battle of Fredericksburg could begin in earnest. Learn about the action at Marye's Heights and Prospect Hill.Read the article »

I Will Die Here

I Will Die Right Here

Christopher L. Kolakowski

The Battle of Stone's River (known as Murfreesboro to the Confederates) stands as Rosencran's first battle in command of the Army of the Cumberland.The three-day engagement produced the Civil War's highest percentage of loss.Read the article »

Regular Brigade Stones River

From 1862 to 2012: The Regular Brigade Infantry Regiments

Several units engaged at the Battle of Stones River on both sides survive in today's U.S. Army and Army National Guard. Most prominent among these are the four infantry regiments of the Army of the Cumberland's Regular Brigade. After the war, these units and their men continued to make a mark in American military history.Read the article »

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