Hallowed Ground: Winter 2010

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This quarterly issue of the Civil War Preservation Trust's membership magazine is dedicated to the events in Charleston, S.C. and the opening shots of the Civil War 150 years ago. To see all online articles from past issues of the membership magazine, visit the Back Issue Index »

Fort Sumter

The Problem in Charleston Harbor

Richard W. Hatcher

Richard W. Hatcher, historian at Fort Sumter National Monument, explores how the fate of an isolated garrison became the spark that ignited the Civil War.Read the article »

Citadel Flag

The Citadel’s “Big Red” Flag Rediscovered

History article on the role of the Citadel and their "Big Red Flag" during the fateful moments leading up to the bombardment of Fort Sumter in April of 1861.Read the article »

Voices of Secession

Voices of Secession

Nicholas A. Redding

History article focusing on the secession winter of 1860-1861 and the events leading up to the bombardment of Fort Sumter in April 1861.Read the article »

Lincoln's First Inauguration

Lincoln’s Voice

Perhaps the single most critical voice of the secession crisis belonged to President-elect Abraham Lincoln, whose victory at the polls in November 1860 drew the long-simmering issues of regional difference, resentment and conflict to a head.Read the article »

Secession Map

States of the Pseudo-Confederacy

After the seven states of the Deep South formed the Confederate States of American in February 1861, the eight remaining slaveholding states faced a choice.Read the article »

Secession Hall

Page from the Past

Page from the Past

A closer look at the stage of South Carolina Institute Hall where the Ordinance of Secession for South Carolina was signed on December 20, 1860.Read the article »

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