Hallowed Ground: Summer 2012

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This quarterly issue of the Civil War Trust's membership magazine includes features on Second Manassas and the Seven Days' Battles. To see all online articles from past issues of the membership magazine, visit the Back Issue Index »

7 Days Battles

Week of Blood & Fire

Robert E.L. Krick

Read our summary of the Seven Days' Battles, written by the Richmond National Battlefield Staff.Read the article »

Savage Station

In Through the Camera's Lens: Savage Station

Mike Gorman

Matthew B. Brady's photographers capture the human wreckage of the battle of Gaines’ Mill, fought the day before, at Savage's Station the day before the Battle of Savage's Station.Read the article »

The Watt House

Civilians in the Seven Days

Ashley Whitehead

Long before the armies of Gen. Robert E. Lee and Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan clashed outside of Richmond, civilians farmed the open fields of Hanover and Henrico Counties and traversed the local roads between Richmond’s markets and the countryside. Then in just one week, the war transformed these ordinary, unexceptional individuals into significant political and military actors.Read the article »

George A. McCall

Blunting the Confederate Onslaught: The Pennsylvania Reserves

Randy Cleaver

The Pennsylvania Reserve Volunteer Corps, commonly known as “The Pennsylvania Reserves,” played a major role in opposing the Confederates during the Seven Days’ Battles.Read the article »

Cemetery at Glendale

The Battle of Glendale and the Gravel Hill Community

Bert Dunkerly

The community of Gravel Hill, named after the texture of the region’s landscape, was settled by enslaved people freed by Quaker John Pleasants before the Revolutionary War and given 350 acres of land near Glendale.Read the article »

Scary Sequel

A Scary Sequel

Daniel T. Davis and Phillip S. Greenwalt

Read about the Battle and Ramifications of Brawner’s Farm at Second Manassas.Read the article »

Preserving Second Manassas

The Preservation of Second Manassas

The effort to preserve the Manassas battlefield dates back almost a century.Read the article »

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