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Hallowed Ground Magazine

Spring 2014

Hallowed Ground Spring 14 Cover

Winter 2013

Hallowed Ground winter 2013

Fall 2013

Hallowed Ground Fall 2013

Summer 2013

HG Summer 2013

150th Anniversary Gettysburg 2013

Hallowed Ground Gettysburg

Spring 2013

Hallowed Ground

Winter 2012

HG Winter 2012

Fall 2012

Fall 2012 Cover

Spring 2012

Hallowed Ground 2012 Cover


Winter 2011

Hallowed Ground, Winter 2011 Cover


Fall 2011

Hallowed Ground Fall 2011


Summer 2011

Hallowed Ground Summer 2011


Spring 2011

Hallowed Ground Spring 2011


Winter 2010

Hallowed Ground Winter 2010


Fall 2010

Hallowed Ground Fall 2010


Summer 2010

Hallowed Ground Summer 2010


Spring 2010

Hallowed Ground Spring 2010


Winter 2009

Hallowed Ground Winter 2009Volume 10, Number 4


Fall 2009

Fall 2009 CoverVolume 10, Number 3


Summer 2009

Summer 2009 Hallowed GroundVolume 10, Number 2


Spring 2009

Spring 2009 Hallowed Ground CoverVolume 10, Number 1


Winter 2008

Winder 2008Volume 9, Number 4

    "'Damn the Torpedoes!' The Battle of Mobile Bay" By Craig Symonds

    "'For the Last Time on Earth': The Life and Death of Aaron Thomas McNaghten"
    By Wayne Motts

    "Walmart Threatens the Wilderness"


Fall 2008

Volume 9, Number 3

    "Washington’s Civil War Defenses and the Battle of Fort Stevens" By B.F. Cooling and Wally Owen

    "The Passing of the Armies: Daily Life in Civil War Washington"
    By Linda Wheeler

    "Glimpses of a Capital at War"
    By Jason Wickersty


Summer 2008

Volume 9, Number 2

    "Mount Up! Cavalry in the Gettysburg Campaign" By Eric J. Wittenberg

    "Telling the Whole Story: Preserving Hunterstown’s 'North Cavalry Field'"
    By Lori Harding

    "Mosby Letter Defends Stuart's Ride"
    By Marisa Morigi


Spring 2008

Volume 9, Number 1

    "History Under Siege: Trace Adkins Lends Voice to Battlefield Preservation Cause"

    "Skim Milk Yankees Fighting: The Battle of Athens, Missouri"
    By Jonathan K. Cooper-Wiele

    "'A Blood Thirsty Monster': Henry W. Halleck and Guerilla Warfare in Missouri"
    By Jessica Wagner


Winter 2007

Volume 8, Number 4

    "The Battle of Glorieta and Union Victory in the Far West" By Dr. Don E. Alberts

    "Clash at Picacho Peak"
    By Jim Head

    "Treasures of the Western War"
    Photos by Emily Brown, Captions by Rich Higgins


Fall 2007

Volume 8, Number 3

   "Cobb County in the Atlanta Campaign" By Philip Secrist

    "Kennesaw Mountain"
    By Willie Ray Johnson

    "A Perfect Pandemonium: The Battle of Kennesaw Mountain" By John D. Fowler


Summer 2007

Volume 8, Number 2

   "The North Anna Campaign" By Gordon Rhea

    "A Quiet Moment on the North Anna River"
    By John Cummings

    "Civil War Medicine… It’s Not What You Think"
    By George Wunderlich


Spring 2007

Volume 8, Issue 1

    "The Rise and Fall of Gettysburg Slots: How a Small Group of Concerned Citizens Created the Nationwide Movement that Slew a Casino Leviathan"

    "Suffolk in the Civil War"
    By Brian Steels Wills

    "The War Hits Home"
    By Brian Steels Wills

    "Hallowed Ships: Preserving America’s Civil War Heritage at Sea"
    By Craig L. Symonds


Winter 2006

Volume 7, Number 4

    "Desecration of Harpers Ferry Battlefield Perpetrated by Developers"

  "The Terrain and Fortifications of Harpers Ferry" By Earl J. Hess

   "Stonewall Jackson’s Triumph at Harpers Ferry" By Dennis E. Frye


Fall 2006

Volume 7, Number 3

    "The Battle of Wilson’s Creek and the Struggle for Missouri" By William Garrett Piston

    "'Fighting Tom' Sweeny"
    By Jeff Patrick

    "The Ray House at Wilson’s Creek" By Connie Langum


Summer 2006

Volume 7, Number 2

   "The True Battle for Fredericksburg" By Frank O’Reilly

    "Fredericksburg: Confederate Victory, Union Story" By George C. Rable

   "Voices from the Storm: Civilians Endure the Battle of Fredericksburg" By John Hennessy


Spring 2006

Volume 7, Number 1

    "The Battle of Shiloh: The Surprise in Tennessee" By Wiley Sword

    "Shiloh: The Consequence of Losing Armageddon"
    By Stacy D. Allen

    "Corinth: Decision at the Crossroads"
    By Stacy D. Allen


Winter 2005

Volume 6, Number 4

    "Winter Battle: Pea Ridge and the Civil War in the West" By William L. Shea

  "Cherokees at Pea Ridge" By Earl J. Hess

    "Lessons from Pea Ridge: Combining Archeology, History and Resource Management to Gain Greater Understanding of Past Events" By Doug Scott and Steve Black


Fall 2005

Volume 6, Number 3

    "The Peninsula Campaign of 1862: George McClellan’s Grand Vision Loses Its Way in the Tidewater" By William J. Miller

    "John Cussons: Flamboyant Confederate Scout and Staff Officer"
    By Robert E. L. Krick

    "Sedgwick Saves the Day"
    By Christopher L. Kolakowski


Summer 2005

Volume 6, Number 2

    "The Long Road Back to Kentucky" By Kent Masterson Brown

    "'Literally Covered with the Dead and Dying': Leonidas Polk and the Battle of Perryville" By Stuart W. Sanders

    "Perryville: The Struggle for a Battlefield"
    By Kenneth W. Noe


Spring 2005

Volume 6, Number 1

    "Robert E. Lee’s Decision to Invade the North in September 1862" By Gary W. Gallagher

    "The Maryland Campaign of 1862" By D. Scott Hartwig

    "General George Green at Antietam"
    By Charles Castle

    "McClellan at Antietam" By Stephen W. Sears


Winter 2004

Volume 5, Number 4

   "Closing the Back Door: The Shenandoah Valley Campaign of 1864" By Jeffry D. Wert

    "The Third Battle of Winchester: 'The fields and hillsides as far as Winchester were dotted with the fallen.'" By Garry E. Adelman


Fall 2004

Volume 5, Number 3

    "Unvexing the Father of Waters: The Fall of Vicksburg" By Terrence J. Winschel

    "John Pemberton: The Wrong Man at the Wrong Place" By Robbie Smith

   "Grant’s Vicksburg Supply Line: Myth or Fact?" By Parker Hills

    "Chicago’s Battery Boys"
    By Richard Brady Williams


Summer 2004

Volume 5, Number 2

    "The Battle of the Bull Run Railroad Bridge"
    By Melinda Herzog

    "The Miscreant Suppressed: Lee vs. Pope at Second Manassas" By John Hennessy

    "'A Fierce and Bloody Encounter': The Cavalry Battle at Lewis Ford"
    By Todd S. Berkoff


Spring 2004

Volume 5, Number 1

    "The 'Decisive' Battle of Nashville" By B. Franklin Cooling

   "Franklin: The Valley of Death" By Thomas Y. Cartwright

    "Three Visits to the Wilderness"
    By S. Waite Rawls III


Winter 2003

Volume 4, Number 4

    "The Seven Days Battles: Robert E. Lee Makes a Spectacular Entrance Upon the Main Stage and in Less than a Week the Federal War Effort is Set Back Almost a Year" By William J. Miller

  "Seven Days in History" By Gary W. Gallagher

    "Carrying the Flag"
    By Gordon Rhea


Fall 2003

Volume 4, Number 3

    "Bentonville: 'A Bold and Unexpected Attack'" By Mark A. Moore

    "Willie Hardee and the Confederates’ Last Hurrah at Bentonville"
    By Mark L. Bradley

    "Evening at Antietam"
    By Claude P. Foster


Summer 2003

Volume 4, Number 2

    "The Politics of Command"
    By Jim Campi

    "The Federal ‘South Cavalry’ Battle at Gettysburg: July 3, 1863"
    By Sherman Fleek

    "Mapping the Battle of Gettysburg"
    By Steven Stanley

    "Gettysburg in the 1890s: Historic Shrine or Amusement Park?"
    By Garry Adelman


Spring 2003

Volume 4, Number 1

    "Unholy Fire Reviewed"
    By Robert K. Krick

    "Congressman Robert J. Mrazek: The Battlefields’ Best Friend"
    By Robert K. Krick

    "The Death of a Corps Commander"
    By Robert E.L Krick

    "Petersburg- The Wearing Down of Lee’s Army" By Chris Calkins

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