Hallowed Ground: Fall 2011

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This quarterly issue of the Civil War Trust's membership magazine looks at Virginia and its statehood during in the first year of the war, with feature articles by Mark A. Snell and James A. Morgan, III. To see all online articles from past issues of the membership magazine, visit the Back Issue Index »

Virginia Statehood

Toward Statehood

Mark A. Snell

Historian Mark A. Snell explores the attitudes and experiences of residents in the region that the conflict would transform into the Mountain State.Read the article »


First Blood at Philippi

Attempts by both warring parties to establish control of the strategically and politically important counties of western Virginia constituted one of the war's first sustained campaigns — with fighting at Philippi on June 3, 1861 the first organized land battle of the war.Read the article »

Skirmish at Corrick's Ford

Union Victories Continue

Battles that were small compared to clashes that would follow helped define the early direction of the war.Read the article »

Ball's Bluff

The Accidental Battle of Ball's Bluff

James A. Morgan, III

James A. Morgan, III explores the October 1861 engagement that caused far-reaching repercussions in Union command structure and government.Read the article »

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