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Watch the pilot episode for the War Department™ video series, focused on Pickett's Charge.

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The War Department™ video series is produced by the Civil War Trust in association with Wide Awake Films.

North Anna Episode

Thanks to Robert Krick, Mike Miller, Dave Richards, and North Anna Battlefield Park

Special thanks to Joseph B. Potts, whose bequest has generously funded the War Department™ series

For more information on the Camp Chase Fifes & Drums, who graciously provided most of the music for the series, please visit their website.

Introducing The War Department

North Anna Episode Description

In this War Department™ episode, our experts discuss the Battle of North Anna, a significant phase of the 1864 Overland Campaign. Historians Robert E. L. Krick and Mike Miller explore this often overlooked engagement and the ground on which it was fought.

What is the War Department?

The War Department™ video series is a web-based production in which expert historians, educators, military veterans and enthusiasts debate, discuss and analyze the American Civil War. Episodes will cover a particular topic in some detail and run roughly 10 minutes in length. “Shorts” will highlight other aspects of the Civil War, in roughly two minutes. Moderated discussions, battle animation, on-site analysis, and telestration will highlight the series. The War Department™ takes its name from the Union and Confederate entities responsible for the armies on both sides during the conflict and is a production of the Civil War Trust.

Read the Civil War Trust's official press release describing the War Department™ video series »

Who is the target audience?

The War Department™ video series is intended for people ages 12 and up.

How do I use the War Department in a classroom?

However you’d like! Our episodes and shorts are available in standard and high definitions (by clicking on the “HD” logo in the bottom right section of the video tool bar) on our website, Anyone may use our videos for any non-commercial purpose as long as the video is not changed and is attributed to the Civil War Trust. See “related resources” for more information.

Where do I find more on the topics?

Check out the resources provided on the video pages on our website. Many videos have a full webpage (or more) dealing specifically with the topic.


Questions about the series should be directed to or:

Education Department –War Department Videos
Civil War Trust
1156 15th St. NW, Suite 900
Washington, DC 20005



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