Traveling Trunk Resources

Links to help teachers prepare for and fully utilize their Traveling Trunk

Basic Guidelines:

Teacher's Manual
Trunk Inventory
Photograph Permission Form

Lesson Plans and Activities

Remembering Slavery Lesson Plan (not included in the trunk)
Scavenger Hunt - The activity breaks students into seven groups, but is designed to be modular.  Feel free to pick and chose which tables you want to use!
Scavenger Hunt Answer KeyMusic Lesson Plan
Young Soldiers Worksheet - Meant to accompany the poster set
Cartoons of the Civil War (1863) Worksheet - Meant to accompany the poster set
Civil War Music Lesson Plan
Union Documents
Confederate Documents
3-D Photography Lesson Plan - Photographs as a Primary Source
Photography Lesson Plan - Technological Development
Clothing and Accoutrements 1
Clothing and Accoutrements 2
Canister Model Guide - To accompany a canister model made from a Coffee can filled with wooden balls
Determining the Main Idea - Critical reading exercise based on an essay on Civil War Medicine

Fact Sheets, Pamphlets, and Other Resources

Union and Confederate Flag Guide
An Introduction to Small Arms of the Civil War
The Language of Nineteenth Century Etiquette Books
"Smoke Not" - Pamphlet on the drawbacks of smoking
"Weeping, Sad, and Lonely" - Mourning in the nineteenth century
Fife Fingering Chart and Music
Soldier Letters

Scavenger Hunt

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