1863 - The Center of the Storm

The Skirmisher Vol. 7


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Welcome to The Skirmisher online! 

Students, here you will find a whole bunch of cool and interactive stuff related to this issue's theme, "1862 - The Storm Continues."  Check out the links below and at right to explore the topic through videos, quizzes, maps, and more!

Teachers, we hope you enjoy the cool stuff, too!  Also be sure to check out the links in the sidebar for standards information and additional classroom activities.

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Gettysburg In4In4 Video- The Gettysburg Address

Check out what many consider the greatest speech in American history - and it's only four minutes long!

Watch the video »

Gettysburg Animated MapAnimated Map - The Battle of Gettysburg

Watch the Battle of Gettysburg unfold through this moving map.

Watch the video »

Vicksburg Animated MapAnimated Map - The Battle of Vicksburg

Find out what happened at the Battle of Vicksburg by watching this video.

Watch the video »

Black Soldiers In4Video - Black Soldiers

Learn about the black soldiers who fought for the Union after the Emancipation Proclamation went into effect in 1863.

Watch the video »

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