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Virginia at War

Virginia was the epicenter of the Civil War. This exhibition focuses on all aspects of Virginia's role in the conflict.

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From the Educators

December 2010
Dear Civil War Educator and Preservationist,

We hope that you are enjoying the holiday season and busy making all manner of Civil War-related travel and classroom plans for 2011. We'll be right in the trenches with you supporting you efforts on either front. We'll continue to provide you with more and more lesson plans, other web-based classroom resources, and plenty of suggestions on things to see and do during the upcoming Civil War Sesquicentennial. For now, we hope you enjoy our newly-posted Virginia at War exhibition and the many other resources herein.

Please consider the CWPT Education team in your year-end giving plans!

We wish you the happiest and safest holiday season.

-Garry Adelman, Director of History and Education, Education


Christmas in the Civil War

Christmas in the Civil War

Christmas was celebrated during the Civil War in much the same way it is today. Learn about the ways soldiers and families of the North and South observed the Christmas holiday, and read a moving poem by a Confederate soldier.

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Education Fund

Education Fund

Give the gift of Civil War history education. Make a donation to our education fund and support lesson plans, teacher training, animated maps, and trail markers.

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Teacher Feature

Teacher Feature

Meet Rosanne, an advocate for education and battlefield preservation. She's also the author behind our monthly book reviews!

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The Problem in Charleston Harbor

The Problem in Charleston Harbor

Our latest issue of Hallowed Ground features a story on the rising tensions in Charleston Harbor and the Battle of Fort Sumter, the opening shots of the American Civil War.

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Take the CWPT 2010 Year in Review Quiz

2010 Year in Review Quiz

2010 was a busy year for the Civil War Preservation Trust and for Civil War battlefield preservation. Test your knowledge of the American Civil War and CWPT's actions.

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Fort Sumter: New Battlefield Page

Fort Sumter

Check out our new Fort Sumter page. History articles, maps, battle facts, recommended books, and much more await you. With the 150th anniversary of the April 1861 attack coming soon, this is the perfect time to learn more.

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Book of the Month

Lincoln Through the Lens

Lincoln Through the Lens: How Photography Revealed and Shaped an Extraordinary Life
By Martin W. Sandler. New York: Walker, 2008.

Using more than 100 primary source photographs, Sandler presents an insightful photo-biography of the man who was president during the crossroads of American history. Each two page spread focuses on a particular topic in Lincoln's life. The first several “chapters” (there is no Table of Contents) present an overview of Lincoln and the introduction of photography, a new technology, as a means of recording history. Subsequent chapters follow Lincoln's life in chronologic order, with the first known photo of Lincoln shortly after his election to the Illinois legislature. Each topic includes either a full page primary source black and white photo or a color illustration; the companion page is titled from a Lincoln quote that introduces the narrative. Additional photos are included as well. The narrative is succinct, informative and easily understood by students who may not have much background knowledge of this period in American history. Narratives range from the serious (”Shocking a Nation”) to the humorous (”Lincoln's Beard”) and highlight many facets of Lincoln's life and personality, including his family and key Civil War figures. Concluding chapters discuss the manhunt for John Wilkes Booth and Lincoln's Legacy. The layout is compelling, with pleasing color plates and corresponding color highlighting the quotes. Additional information includes sources, information for further reading, and an index. This handsome title stands as one of the more remarkable books currently available. Recommended for grades 6 and up.

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Trivia from the Archives

Trivia from the Archives

Q. In December 1862, who earned the title, 'The Humane Hero of Fredericksburg'?

Q. In December 1864, what did General William Tecumseh Sherman give to President Lincoln as a Christmas present?

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Civil War on the Web

  • New York State Military Museum
    A fantastic stockpile of information on New York's military involvement in the war (New York sent the most troops of any state, North or South) and other states as well.
  • The full collection of Civil War-era Harper's Weekly issues
  • The State of the Union
    With President Obama's 2011 State of the Union approaching, you may find it interesting to look back at the State of the Union addresses of 1860-65, when the state of the union was quite literally the most pressing issue of the time, beginning with President Buchanan's attempt to reconcile the sections in December 1860.

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