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Have you seen our new resource page for Abraham Lincoln? Learn about our 16th president's life and his role in guiding the nation through the most tumultuous period in its history. Check out Lincoln related historic photos, articles, lesson plans, and several brand-new Civil War Trust videos that students of all ages will enjoy.

Abraham Lincoln »

From the Educators

November 2012
Dear Civil War Educator and Preservationist,

The holiday season can be a difficult time to harness your students', kids', and (let's face it) your own attention; however, we have some great new features that will engage everyone.
Our new Lincoln resource page provides videos, a new quiz, and a great feature on photography of Lincoln. There's also a really awesome video titled "The Great Task" with famous actors like Sam Waterson (of Law and Order) and Medal of Honor recipient Paul W. Bucha reciting the Gettysburg Address. This video is one of my favorite features on our site.

Finally, I just returned from the National Council of the Social Studies annual conference and I want to thank the Washington teachers who were so gracious and welcoming as well as enthusiastic about our resources. It was great to meet so many new educators and wonderful to see so many of our supporters.
Happy Holidays!

Nicole Osier
Senior Manager, Education


Fredericksburg 150th Anniversary

Fredericksburg 150 This December, Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park will commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Fredericksburg with a series of events from December 7-15. The Trust will be conducting children's activities at the park on December 8, so be sure to stop by and say hello!

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The Gettysburg Address

The Gettysburg Address Teaching the Gettysburg Address? Primary sources, videos with historians, and lesson plans can help bring the Address to life. Check out some of these great offerings:

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Christmas during the Civil War

Christmas during the Civil War As the holiday season approaches, have a closer look at our feature on Christmas during the Civil War. Find out how soldiers celebrated the holiday and read some of their accounts.

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Teacher Institute Scholarships

Scholarships The Civil War Trust hosts several Teacher Institutes each year as a professional development opportunity for social studies teachers. The program itself is free of cost, but teachers can apply for scholarships to cover travel and lodging expenses. Also, Massachusetts teachers notice that there is a scholarship specifically for you from the Military Historical Society of Massachusetts.

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Book of the Month

Book of the Month

Anna Myers
New York: Walker and Company, 2005.

In order to carry out his plot to assassinate President Lincoln and members of his cabinet, John Wilkes Booth recruited accomplices. Myers tells the fictional story of an unknown accomplice, fourteen-year old Bella Gretchel, whom Booth duped into assisting him in his unsuccessful plan to kidnap Lincoln. Bella tells the readers that she is not evil, and indeed she is not. What she is is a young Southern girl, abandoned by her father to the care of her grandmother in Washington City after the death of her mother. Bella's grandmother is a seamstress at the White House for President Buchanan's niece, and when Lincoln is elected, her grandmother continues her employ, working with Mary Lincoln's dressmaker, Elizabeth Keckley. As Bella grows older, she too becomes a seamstress under Keckley's tutelage. She also takes a job as a costumer at Ford's Theater, and it is here that she falls under the spell of the charismatic Wilkes Booth. Booth, for his part, uses Bella's position at the White House and her access to the president and his schedule to convince her that by supplying information about Lincoln's comings and goings, she will help achieve the release of her father, a Confederate prisoner-of-war. This is almost more Booth's story than it is Bella's. Myer's alternates the chapters, giving voice to both Bella and Booth. Bella is infatuated with Booth and does not see the egotism and self-delusion that motivates his hatred of Lincoln and the Union, nor does she understand that he is using her for his own calculated ends. She eventually realizes that her sympathies lie with Lincoln and the Union and her guilt over her part in Booth's unsuccessful plan leads her to confront him, putting her in danger. Myers first person narration for both Bella and Booth is authentic and keeps readers involved until the tragic end.

Special thanks to Rosanne Zajko for her book reviews! If you have a Civil War book that you particularly like, or would like to review for this newsletter, send it in to education@civilwar.org. Thanks!

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Trivia from the Archives

Trivia from the Archives What battle between the Union "Army of the Frontier" and a Confederate force under Maj. Gen. Thomas Hindman took place in Northwest Arkansas 150 years ago this December?

At the battle of Mine Run in fall 1863, Union Gen. Gordon Meade planned to surprise and overwhelm Ewell's Corps by quickly crossing what river?

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Civil War on the Web

  • Timeline: The Civil War and American Art »
    The Smithsonian American Art Museum presents an interactive timeline of paintings produced from the 1850s through the 1870s. The timeline also integrates major events of the period to help provide users with historical context for the artwork.
  • Teaching with Historic Places »
    This National Park Service program provides history lesson plans based on specific geographic locations. The plans come complete with pictures, documents, and other primary sources, which feature sites related to everything from American Indian History to the Cold War. Lesson plans for Civil War sites include historic estates, forts, military prisons, and a broad range of battlefields.
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