Answers to Trivia from the Archives

September 2011

Q. In his Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government, Jefferson Davis wrote of a battle in Missouri: "General Price ordered a number of bales of hemp to be transported to the point from which the advance of his troops had been repeatedly repulsed. They were ranged in a line for a breastwork, and, when rolled before the men as they advanced, formed a moving rampart which was proof against shot... [It] was a brilliant conception, not unlike that which made Tarik, the Saracen warrior, immortal, and gave his name to the northern pillar of Hercules."  At which September battle was this unorthodox strategy implemented?

A. The Battle of Lexington, Missouri (Sep 13-20, 1861)

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Q. In September, 1862, Gen. George McClellan declared: "Here is a paper with which, if I cannot whip Bobby Lee, I will be willing to go home." To what 'paper' does he refer, and how did it come into his possession?

A. It was Lee's "Lost Order" #191, describing the Confederate strategy for the invasion of Maryland, which had been found by a couple of Indiana privates wrapped around 3 discarded cigars.

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