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March-April 2013

Q.  An estimated 10,000 men participated in the Battle of Rappahannock Academy on February 25, 1863.  How many soldiers were killed in the fighting?

A.  None!

Rappahannock Academy
(Battles and Leaders)

Also known as the "Great Snowball Battle of Rappahannock Academy," the the "battle" was probably the largest snowball fight in known history. After a heavy snow, bored Confederate troops decided to ambush each other. Troops formed lines of battle for the assualt, which quickly snowballed into a full-scale battle between brigades. The wintery action was directed by officers and complete with cavlary and skirmishers.  Men were taken even taken prisoner and released on parole. No one was killed, although there were a number of reports of broken noses and other injuries sustained from rock or ice-filled snowballs.

Union soldiers did not participate, although they are known to have had their own snowball fights.

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