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January 26, 2010

A.  The fortification is called a "bomb-proof".  This particular bomb-proof is located at Fort Stedman, Virginia.  A devastating defeat here led to the defeat at Five Forks and the fall of Petersburg (April 2-3, 1865).  

B.  Abraham Lincoln.  The editorial was published by Illinois' Salem Advocate as the president-to-be traveled to Washington for his inauguration.   You may read more about "The Unpopular Mr. Lincoln" in Hallowed Ground

C.  The C.S.S. Alabama.  In this political cartoon (below)from the Library of Congress, the "Pirate Alabama" is represented as the club raised by Jefferson Davis, who is standing on the Union flag.  John Bull (England) is at right, encouraging Jefferson Davis:  "Down with him, Secesh -- burn his Ships -- destroy his Commerce -- England has plenty more such clubs for you."  Napoleon III is cheering to the left:  "Whip him, Secesh, and when I get Mexico, I'll help you whip him again."  The cartoon reflected growing fears that the United Kingdom and France would assist the Confederate war effort. 

 Telegraph January 2010
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The text at the bottom of the print reads as follows: 

Napoleon: "Whip him, Secesh, and when I get Mexico, I'll help you whip him again."

John Bull: "Down with him, Secesh--burn his Ships--destroy his Commerce--England has plenty more such clubs for you."

Secesh: "I'll fix him--I'll kill him."

Soldier: "The flag of my country trampled under foot--the ships of my country burning on the ocean--while I stand here entangled in the coils of this foul Copperhead, and so bound up by Constitutional restraints, that I am unable to put forth my true strength in their behalf."

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