Wadsworth Elementary School

Successful Student Preservationists
By Barbara Hicks

The students in Mrs. Hicks' and Mrs. DeAugustino’s fourth grade classes have been busy at work studying the Civil War. Every year when we get to the Civil War, I like to spend a little extra time in that area because it is such an important time period. This year, as a class, we decided to collect pennies for donation to the Civil War Trust to save battlefield land. The students worked so hard to bring in change to raise money to send. Although the amount collected was not important, the idea of getting our students involved with preserving sacred land was the goal.

hicks classroom
Mrs. Hicks' class at Wadsworth Elementary.

My students were very excited to help save the land that is so important to us now. One of my students, Claudia, wrote that "it is important to save the battlefields from the Civil War because if we build malls on them there won't be any history left to share." Another student, Katelynn, wrote that "we need to save the battlefields because we get a chance to be a part of saving history that changed our lives."

When asked what was their favorite part of learning about the Civil War, the students in Mrs. Hicks' class listed numerous reasons, but most importantly: the Civil War ended slavery and President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation. They enjoyed learning and researching the battles and the people. Their interest and hard work showed in their wonderful shoebox dioramas, which were proudly displayed in the Media Center at Wadsworth.

For the finale, Mrs. Hicks' class entered the Postcard Contest at the Civil War Trust. Good Luck to all the students entering! I know they can achieve anything they set their minds too!

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