Perks and Promotions

Moving up in the ranks

The Civil War Trust Teachers Regiment is strengthened by every single member.  Those that help the community will move up in the ranks and earn rewards for their commitment to history and education!

If you are a member of the Teachers Regiment and you accomplish one or more of the things listed below, you will receive the indicated amount of "Promotion Points."  Accumulating these points will result in promotions and rewards!

Please pass along news of your accomplishments to

Here's how the promotion points translate into ranks, and how the ranks translate into rewards!

Points  Rank  Rewards
 0  Private  E-Certificate of Membership
 10  Corporal  Teachers Regiment Magnet
 25  Sergeant  Coffee Mug or Water Bottle; Signed Civil War Book
 40  Lieutenant  T-Shirt; Priority Registration for Traveling Trunks and Teacher Institute Tours
 55  Captain  Polo Shirt; Historian tele-conference with your classroom
 70  Major  Your choice of merchandise; a Civil War Trust "School Kit" for your permanent use
 85  Lt. Colonel  Your choice of merchandise; Priority Application for the Field Trip Fund

Accomplishment Points
 Contribute new material to the Facebook group, through new posts or detailed comments 1 point per submission
 Submit photos of Civil War study in your classroom 1 point per photo
 Recruit new members 5 points per recruit
 Provide feedback on Civil War Trust educational materials 10 points per submission
 Share new lesson plans or classroom activities 15 points per submission
 Submit an article related to the Civil War, historical or pedagogical 15 points per institute
 Attend a Teacher Institute 15 points per submission
 Share a STEM lesson plan or classroom activity related to the Civil War 20 points per submission
 Share a "battlefield guide" for teachers to use on field trips 20 points per submission
 Participate in Park Day 30 points per day
 Organize a Teachers Regiment company 30 points per company
 Hold a battlefield preservation fundraiser 40 points per fundraiser

Got any suggestions as to how to improve these offerings!  Let us know!

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