How To Make A 3-D Photo

It's easier than you think

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More than 70% of photographs taken during the Civil War were stereographs, the 1800s equivalent of 3-D pictures. Everyone from students to Civil War enthusiasts will be amazed as the 3-D images from the Civil War come to life before your very eyes.

1.    Get your free pair of red/cyan 3-D glasses from the Civil War Trust or cheaply purchase a classroom set. 
2.    Download StereoPhoto Maker from this website.
3.    Using a digital camera or phone, take two photos of the same scene, an eye-width apart.
4.    Download these photos to your computer.
5.    Open Stereo Photo Maker.
6.    Select File>Open left/right images.


7.    Select the image you took on the left.
8.    Select the image you took on the right.


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13.    Select File>Save Stereo Image, save it as a jpeg and you have your anaglyph photo!

Final Product

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