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Civil War Trust

March 28, 2008

Teacher Institute Stipends, Poster & Essay Contest, Park Day, Teacher Advisor Opening


 Civil War Preservation Trust Teacher Newsletter

The Civil War Preservation Trust (CWPT) is America's largest non-profit organization (501-C3) devoted to the preservation of our nation's endangered Civil War battlefields. CWPT's Education Department promotes Civil War battlefield preservation by encouraging the study of the war's timeless lessons, provoking thought about the vital roles these battlefields play in our nation's history.










2008 Poster and Essay Contest: PRESERVE THE SPIRIT OF HISTORY
For Grades 4 through 12, by the Civil War Preservation Trust
Imagine you are in a town meeting between a developer and a Civil War battlefield community.  The developer wants to put a strip mall and housing development on the Civil War site.  Why should this community fight to protect its Civil War site?  There are many arguments – money and history are only two!  How will saving the Civil War site benefit the community – and future generations?  Why does preserving a Civil War site make us better people in the long run?

The 2008 motto is PRESERVE THE SPIRIT OF HISTORY.  Use and develop this slogan while you create either a poster or an essay to remind Americans that Civil War battlefields are endangered national treasures.  Show the country how to get involved in protecting these endangered Civil War sites!


Elementary, for students in grades 4, 5, and 6
Junior, for students in grades 7, 8, and 9
Senior, for students in grades 10, 11, and 12
Junior, for students in grades 7, 8, and 9
Senior, for students in grades 10, 11, and 12
First -- $200
Second -- $100
Third - $50

Students receive money; teachers win gift certificates in
equivalent amounts.  Due to its generosity and its concern
for students and teachers, The History Channel has graciously
donated the prizes! 

DEADLINE: All entries must be received in our office by May 15, 2008.

RULES: Students may enter either the poster contest or the essay contest in their age group, but not both. (Note that there is no elementary essay contest.)  There is no group entry category – one student per essay or poster.  Each entry must be labeled with the following information:

*SCHOOL ADDRESS                                      
*SCHOOL CITY, STATE, ZIP                                   
*SCHOOL PHONE                                  
(Teachers who do not want to provide emails on the back of each entry can send it via separate letter.  This is to be sure I can contact you quickly if necessary.)


We respect your privacy and information will not be shared or used in any manner other than to contact winners.

POSTERS will be judged for creativity, quality of artwork, visual impact, and strength of message.
*May not be larger than 14" by 22"
*May be made with markers, crayons, paint, paper cutouts, pen and ink, or any other media that will not smear and will leave the finished poster flat and easy to handle.
*May not use copyrighted materials such as comics, TV characters, professional photographs, etc.  The use of Internet pictures is not preferable.  The poster should consist primarily of student artwork, not pictures.
ESSAYS will be judged for creativity, persuasive quality, clarity, and strength of message.

*Must be approximately 300 words long.
*Must use proper grammar and spelling and consist primarily of the student's own words.
*All quotations from diaries and texts must be properly cited.
*Preservation of Civil War battlefields is the main idea to be expressed.
Entries will not be returned and become the property of CWPT. Entrants will be notified of contest results in June of 2008 via letter and Hallowed Ground magazine.

Mail Entries To:
CWPT Poster and Essay Contest
Civil War Preservation Trust
11 Public Square, Suite 200
Hagerstown, MD 21740
Need More Information? Call 1-888-606-1400 or email


Civil War Preservation Trust Summer Teacher Institute
July 25-27, 2008 * Hagerstown, MD

Gain practical information, techniques and topics to use in the classroom (not lectures).  Meet teachers from across the country; receive a valuable resource book for you and your school.

Classroom sessions are offered on Friday and Sunday.  On Saturday, visit either Antietam or Harpers Ferry as a "practice field trip".  Attendees will have pre-registered for their choice of classes and their field trip. 
Classes for 2008 include: 

Civil War Lost and Found: An Antietam Soldier’s Diary
Presenter: Carolyn Ivanoff, Housemaster, Shelton (CT) Intermediate School
Civil War Service Records as Primary Source
Presenter: Georgia K. Chaney Ladd, Anne Arundel County (MD) Schools
Organizing a Youth Re-enactment Program
Presenter: Rob Goldman, Founder and President, Living History – 14th Rhode Island
Teaching the Civil War with Technology
Presenter:  Jim Beeghley, Waynesburg University
Creating a Civil War Sesquicentennial Commemoration Event
Presenter:  Jim Grant, Founder, Staff Development for Educators (SDE)
Saturday Field Trip:
Antietam – Includes two NPS Education programs (Battlefield in a Box, & Angels of the Battlefield, battlefield tour, living history
*Harpers Ferry – Includes three NPS Education programs (covering John Brown, the Civil War in Harpers Ferry, and the African American Experience), battlefield tour
Economic Issues in the Civil War
Presenter:  Amy Rosenkrans, Associate Director, Maryland Council on Economic Education
Lincoln Assassination Murder Mystery
Presenter:  George Khoury, US Dream Academy, University of Central Florida
Marie Tepe: Vivandiere – Women in the Civil War
Presenter:  Linda Estupinian Snook, Education Coordinator, Union County (PA) Historical Society
Teaching the Civil War to Elementary Students
Presenters: David Durren and Alice Talbot, Epes Elementary School, Newport News, VA
Creating a Student Living History Museum
Presenter:  JoAnn Bowman

These workshops are designed not only to impart specific information about the era but also a variety of pedagogical strategies to help teachers bring the Civil War to life in their classrooms. 
Once again, Virginia Tech’s Center for Civil War Studies will be an active partner in the institute, and Dr. James I. “Bud” Robertson, director of the center, will be a keynote speaker at the institute.  Through our partnership with Virginia Tech, CWPT is able to offer Continuing Education Unit credits to participating educators.
The CWPT Teacher Institute is provided at no direct cost to teachers, who have only to pay for their room and travel.  
CWPT will be able to provide travel stipends for 10 or more teachers who would not otherwise have been able to attend due to geographic or funding constraints. 
For more information or to receive a stipend application, e-mail
Registration forms and details on the CWPT Teacher Institute can also be found on the web at

3.  GREAT WEB SITES Gist Settlement Archeological Project.htm
The Gist Settlement Archeological Site
Volume 3, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War
HL Hunley, Confederate Submarine, from the US Naval Historical Center
The Liberator files
The Women Will Howl by Mary Deborah Petite
"The horror of the Civil War was not confined to the field of battle.  It invaded cities, small towns and oft times the hearths and homes of innocent victims, leaving only destruction and despair in its wake.  The little known story of the North Georgia mill workers is just one more heartbreaking example."
As you know, the anniversary of Ft. Sumter is approaching – April 12, 1861.  Here are some questions regarding that fateful day – and weird items connected with that day!
A.  How were Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard (CS Gen. who commanded the firing of Ft. Sumter) and Major Robert Anderson (Commander at Ft. Sumter) connected?
B. Who fired the "first shot of the Civil War"?
C. How many rounds were fired at Ft. Sumter? 
Who was the first soldier to die in the Civil War?
E.  Why did former US (VA) Congressman Roger Pryor have his stomach pumped at Ft. Sumter?

(Washington, D.C., 3/27/2008) – The Civil War began as a struggle between armies of untrained but enthusiastic volunteers.  Seven generations later, another army of volunteers is about to descend on America’s Civil War battlefields – only this horde of dedicated men and women will be armed with paint brushes, trash bags and weed whackers.
On Saturday, April 5, 2008, history buffs and preservationists of all ages will join forces to clean and restore Civil War-related battlefields, cemeteries and shrines.  The nationwide effort – dubbed Park Day – is underwritten with a grant from The History Channel.  Park Day is also recognized by the U.S. Department of the Interior as a “Take Pride in America” event.  More than 110 historic sites in 24 states are expected to participate in Park Day 2008.
“Civil War sites are often the victims of their own popularity,” noted Civil War Preservation Trust (CWPT) President James Lighthizer.  “Without proper maintenance, battlefields can suffer from the ravages of both time and tourism.  Our goal is to spruce up these links to America’s past so they can be enjoyed by all.”
Now in its twelfth year, Park Day is an annual hands-on preservation event created by CWPT.  Volunteers gather at designated Civil War sites to help with routine repairs and maintenance.  Activities can range from raking leaves and hauling trash to painting signs and trail building.  In exchange for their hard work, participants receive T-shirts and can listen to local historians describe the significance of the site.
Among the sites that will be benefiting from Park Day activities this year are:  Mansfield Battlefield in Louisiana, Antietam Battlefield in Maryland, Wilson’s Creek Battlefield in Missouri, and the Wilderness Battlefield in Virginia. 
“These are the hallowed fields where our ancestors gave their lives.  We cannot allow them to fall into disrepair,” remarked Lighthizer.
With 65,000 members, CWPT is the largest nonprofit battlefield preservation organization in the United States.  Its goal is to preserve our nation’s endangered Civil War sites and to promote appreciation of these hallowed grounds.  CWPT’s website is located at
(For a list of the participating Park Day sites, visit


The Civil War Preservation Trust (CWPT) is America's largest and most effective private, non-profit battlefield preservation organization. CWPT seeks to preserve threatened Civil War battlefields from development, and educate the public about the crucial role these sites played in shaping our Nation's history.
The position of Teacher Advisor collaborates with the Education Coordinator and is critical to both CWPT's preservation and education missions.

*Assist with the planning and implementation of an annual Teacher Institute. The three day institute is held each summer and draws around 200 teachers for workshops, lectures, events, and a battlefield tour.
*Conduct outreach to school districts, particularly in Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, and Tennessee.
* Create and disseminate Civil War related resources to partner schools
* Attend and present at local, regional, and national history and education conferences, especially Virginia's Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission.
* Assist with the coordination of various contests (photography, "poster & essay", "best lesson plan")
* Maintain a database of education contacts
*Collaborate with colleagues on a variety of projects including website development, event planning, and donor development.


* At least 3 years experience in education, preferably in classroom teaching
* BA/S and/or teaching certification required
* Outstanding oral/written communication skills, and basic computer skills
*Ability to conduct large and small group meetings
*Willingness to be part of a dynamic team-oriented work environment

Electronic letters and resumes (preferred)
may be e-mailed to
[No phone calls]

If you do not have e-mail access, please fax materials to
(202) 367-1865

or mail resume and cover letter to:

Career Search
Civil War Preservation Trust
1331 H Street, NW Suite 1001
Washington, DC 20005


Two-Week Civil War Curriculum CD-ROM: For grades 5, 8 & 11.  Download online, or e-mail your land address to to have it mailed. The classroom curriculum guide is endorsed by The History Channel, which helped develop this effective tool for educators.  According to Dr. Libby O’Connell, Chief Historian of The History Channel, the CWPT Civil War curriculum guide is “the best two-week curriculum on the Civil War available to teachers today.”  Dr. O’Connell notes that the guide is part of The History Channel’s ongoing partnership with CWPT to encourage students and teachers alike to learn more about our nation’s unique Civil War heritage.  
Classroom Membership:
Contains the monthly classroom newsletter and quarterly Hallowed Ground magazine, a packet of classroom materials, curriculum CD-ROM & book of Civil War trivia.  To sponsor a classroom, obtain an application, or view a newsletter - contact  

Civil War Preservation Trust Education Web Site

Adopt a Battlefield:
Save battlefields while teaching about their history! Site packs include Antietam, Appomattox, Fredericksburg, Trevilian Station, Perryville, Peninsula Campaign, Harpers Ferry, Third Winchester and Chancellorsville.  
Email for more details.  
Battlefields as Outdoor Classrooms:
Contact for more information.


A.  Major Anderson was General Beauregard's artillery instructor at West Point.
B.  While 67-year-old newspaper editor Edmund Ruffin is credited with the first shot, that "honor" actually belongs to Capt. George S. James, who fired a signal gun first.
C.  Over 4,000!
D.  US Pvt. Daniel Hough.  When Anderson ordered a 50-gun salute to the US colors, an ember from the US artillery touched off a powder-keg, killing Hough.

E.  Pryor was one of Beauregard's representatives at Ft. Sumter's surrender.  While the surrender terms were being written (in the Fort's hospital), Pryor suddenly became thirsty, grabbed a nearby bottle, and drank it.  Unfortunately, the bottle contained Iodine of Potassium.  (Oops!)

Trivia Source:  "The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Civil War".


Jennifer Rosenberry
Education Coordinator
Civil War Preservation Trust
11 Public Square, Suite 200
Hagerstown, MD 21740

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