Civil War Lesson Plans: High School

Lesson Plans

Our High School Lesson Plans are created by educators for classroom use in grades ten through twelve. All lessons are standards-based and fall under our Civil War Goals (PDF) »

High School Lesson Plans

 The Country Goes to War

Students will be able to describe the state of the nation and sequence the first events of the Civil War.

KepiCurriculum Lesson Plan: The Country Goes to War »

 Life at War

Students will be able to describe the day-to-day life of a Civil War soldier.

KepiCurriculum Lesson Plan: Life at War »

Civil War Soldiers: The Battle of Franklin Lesson Plan »

The Battle of Saltville Lesson Plan »

 Shifting Tides

Students will be able to discuss the effects of the battles of Gettysburg and Vicksburg, paying particular attention to the Gettysburg Address.

KepiCurriculum Lesson Plan: Shifting Tides »

Battle of Fredericksburg Lesson Plan »

Fredericksburg 360 Educator's Guide »

Gettysburg Address Lesson Plan »

Joshua Chamberlain Lesson Plan »

 Bringing the War to an End

Students will be able to list and discuss the sequence of events leading to the end of the Civil War, paying special attention to the election of 1864.

KepiCurriculum Lesson Plan: Bringing the War to an End »

Election of 1864 Lesson Plan »

Civil War Personalities Lesson Plan »

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