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Bring the American Civil War to life in your classroom, history club, or scout troop with the Civil War Curriculum in a Haversack.  Teach the war with historic documents like the Gettysburg Address, Union and Confederate currency, 3D images, replica bullets, maps, and a soldier's haversack. The teacher-created, standards-based Civil War Curriculum is included and aligned with each object in the haversack.

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  Item  Curriculum Goal
 Haversack  Life at War
 Pair of 3D Glasses  The Home Front
 Union currency  The Home Front
 Confederate currency  The Home Front
 Sample Bullet & Minié Ball  Life at War
 Gettysburg Address  Shifting Tides
 Sam Davis Soldiers' Letter  Life at War & The Home Front
 The Daily Citizen (Vicksburg Newspaper)  Shifting Tides
 New York Tribune  Shifting Tides
 Appomattox Parole Ticket  Bringing the War to an End
 Civil War Battlefields Map  All Goals
 Union Dissolved! Broadside  The Country Goes to War


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