The Battle for Harmony Mills

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From your vantage point on the hill, you watch the infantry plunge forward into a storm of musketry.  A group of men can be seen running around to the right, trying to flank the enemy position.

For desperate moments, the battle teeters on edge.  The enemy cannons create sickening carnage among your comrades in the field.     

Suddenly, a shout goes up from the right.  The flanking maneuver has worked!  The men charge forward and pour fire into the confused enemy.  Attacked from two sides, the beleaguered soldiers panic and scatter.  They run as fast as they can towards the rear with the cannons close behind.  A great cheer erupts across the field.  

A messenger gallops towards you, drawing rein and skidding to a halt so close that your knees touch.  He snaps a salute.

“The General sends his compliments, Captain.  You’ve driven the enemy back handsomely.  The day is ours!”

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