Part 6 - Infantry

The Battle for Harmony Mills

Infantry Header 2

Dead and wounded men are scattered across the battlefield.  Some cling to fence rails or trees for support.  Others, oblivious to all of the smoke and shooting, crawl painfully towards the rear.

You notice with dismay that the enemy gunners have recovered their determination and are returning to their guns.  They will soon bring down heavy fire on your position.

The enemy infantrymen are in the trees across the field.  You see flame spurt from the muzzle of a musket, hear the ripping boom of the shot, and then feel the air around you swish and crack as the bullet flies past your head.  

Your men return the fire and you are soon enveloped in a thick cloud of gun smoke.  It’s almost impossible to see across the field now.  Only red-orange flashes through the haze give you an idea of the enemy’s position.  It is time to attack.

“Colonel, colonel,” Major Jake Lang is at your side.  Blood soaks his sleeve, but he waves away any concern.  “We can flank them.  I can lead some men around to the right and attack them from the side and rear.  Might surprise ‘em and force ‘em to retreat.”

A.    “Do it, Major.  Flank the enemy.”
B.    “Keep your boys where they are.  We will strike them from the front, give them the bayonet, and drive them from the field.”

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