Part 5 - Cavalry

The Battle for Harmony Mills

cavalry header 2

Cannon-fire sweeps your position.  A piece of shrapnel kills a horse and sends his rider tumbling painfully to the ground.  You throw a hasty glance towards the enemy guns and see a pair of shells burst above them.  One gunner collapses, but the others continue to feverishly operate the menacing “dogs of war.”

You ride back and forth among your horsemen, shouting encouragement and reforming the ranks to continue the fight.  

You look your men over.  They are worn out but still ready for action.  A swift charge might capture the enemy cannons.  Timing is everything.  If the gunners can readjust their aim quickly enough, they will make your men suffer.  

A.    “Ride them down, boys!”
B.    “Hold up, take cover here.”

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