Part 4 - Artillery

The Battle for Harmony Mills

Artillery Header 2

You watch in grim satisfaction as the infantrymen stretch out into battle line.  As a gunner yourself, you know that they will now present a much smaller target for the enemy cannons.  Sure enough, the next salvo of shells flies harmlessly over their heads. 

“We’re running low on ammunition, Cap’n!”  Bill’s voice is hoarse and insistent.  The glint from a spyglass flashes in your eye.  The enemy artillery Captain is measuring the range to your position.  You will very quickly become a target. 

“You see that, Cap’n?  They’re comin’ this way!”  Your men look up to you nervously.  Smoke stings your nostrils.

“We’ve only got solid shot and explosive shell left, Cap’n.  We’ve got to do something!”

A.    “Use the explosives.”
B.    “Give them some solid shot.”

Hint: Explosive shells would explode in the air, scattering shrapnel over the target area.  They did the most damage to enemy personnel and morale.  Solid shot was solid and accurate—it would be the most effective for targeting enemy equipment.

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